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Assalamu Alaikum

Dear children,

In tis edition in sha Allah we will read about many different things. We will know about the achievements of a young girl from Malaysia. We will learn how we can turn a simple hobby into a mastered skill and teach it to others. In our section of ‘Allah’s World’, we will learn about the amazing creation of camels by Allah swt. And before we end, we will put on our thinking caps and figure out the answers to a new activity.

Be inspired

Imagine doing something just at the age of 11 years that brings international awards and is also proudly mentioned in one of the top USA talk shows.

Yes. This noteworthy feat has been performed by an 11year old Maryam Muzamir from Malaysia.

We all get many ideas that are absolutely brilliant, but for the idea to be accepted worldwide and be patented is an entirely different thing. Maryam Muzamir participated in an International Invention Innovation Competition where over 600 people had participated from more than 70 countries. And out of all these people, Maryam’s innovation was selected as the winning invention. Isn’t that a commendable win? Masha Allah.

Winning such a big international and acclaimed competition is not an easy task. The invention has to be absolutely new in the world, and it has to be very useful for people or the environment.

Maryam noticed that tonnes of seafood shells from eateries are generated every day, which simply go to waste. She chanced on an article that mentioned the special compound found in exoskeletons of shrimps, crabs, and lobsters. This compound is believed to be a very beneficial food source for animals. Maryam smartly converted the problem of colossal waste into sustainable livestock feed

Would you like to know, being so young, how could Maryam accomplish such an esteemed honour. Why don’t you write to her through Twitter or Facebook? Could you get to know more about her achievement? You can select new friends and learn so much from them. Get inspired, and Insha Allah also become an inspiration for others.