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Dolcy, Chinku and Marvel the Mouse!

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Do please remember: When you wish to do a good deed, God will always help you!

Dolcy and Chinku, two little kids, lived in Austin Cottage in a big city. They loved animals, birds and plants.
Dolcy was a very kind child and did not hurt even ants or mosquitoes. He would try to be careful not to stamp on an insect while walking and would tell Chinku (and the grownups too) to do the same. Once, Dolcy helped Smarty, a cute snail, from being crushed by silly serious grown ups who were rushing about, by lifting it up from a busy path and placing it safely on a plant bed.
One day, Dolcy and Chinku were about to munch their lunch when Chinku spotted Tabby the cat peering at a drain-hole in the backyard. Chinku quickly scampered out to see what the matter was. She lifted Tabby up, and lo behold, what did she see? A tiny baby mouse squeaking and struggling to come out from the hole!
”Dolcy, Dolcy, come soon! There’s a mouse that’s fallen inside the hole,” Chinku called out.
In the backyard, Pretty the fluffy cat, was lazing around in the sun. Soon, Socks, a big white cat, and Greeny, a wild tom-cat, would also come along, to munch their lunch.
”Chinku, we have to rescue the baby mouse before the cats come,” said Dolcy.
“How are we going to do that?” wondered Chinku.
To begin with, Dolcy was hesitant to put his hand into the hole to rescue the mouse. He didn’t want to get dirty. But almost at once he thought of a brilliant idea. He pulled a pair of socks over his hand and put his hand inside the hole. Then, mustering all the courage he had, he gently lifted the mouse and brought it out!
“That’s marvellous!!” exclaimed Chinku in joy. There and then she decided to name the mouse ‘Marvel’.
Chinku placed Marvel on a dust pan with the help of a broom. Then, she and Dolcy took him out of the backyard and placed him amidst a clump of trees. That way Marvel was saved from being caught by the cats!
Kids, wasn’t it brave of Chinku and Dolcy to have rescued Marvel the baby mouse? Dolcy didn’t mind dirtying his hand. He didn’t let the fear that Marvel could have bitten his hand stop him from rescuing him. And it was so sweet of Chinku to have called Dolcy out to help the mouse, wasn’t it?
Do please remember: When you wish to do a good deed, God will always help you!
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