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Glossary of Shapes (مختلف شکلوں سے متعلق الفاظ)

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Arch: The curved head of an opening, as a doorway. (محراب)
Barrel: Any rounded container that bulges in the middle. (بیرل)
Circle: any circular or ringlike object,  formation, or arrangement (دائرہ)
Cone: A plane surface resembling the cross section of a solid cone (مخروطہ)
Crescent: Any thing like a new moon. (ہلال نما، ہلالی)
Cube:  Three-dimensional shape, either solid or hollow, contained by six equal squares. (مکعب)
Cylindrical: Having the shape of a cylinder or hollow tube.(اسطوانی،بیلنا کار)
Disc: A circular flat object. (گول ٹکیہ نما، طشتری نما)
Ellipse: A regular oval shape. (بیضوی شکل)
Square: A rectangle with all four sides equal. (مربع)
Hexagon: A flat shape that has six angles and six sides. (چھ زاویوں والا)
Obelisk: An upright 4-sided pillar that gradually tapers as it rises and terminates in a pyramid. (چوکونیایامربع مینار)
Pyramid: Anything having typically a square ground plan, outside walls in the form of four triangles that meet in a point at the top e.g., ancient tombs of Egyptian kings. (حرم)
Octagon: A polygon of eight angles and eight sides. (ہشت پہل)
Oval: Shaped like a circle that is flattened so that it is like an egg or an ellipse. (انڈہ نما)
Parallelogram: A flat shape that has four sides. The two sets of opposite sides are parallel and of equal length to each other. (متوازی الاضلاع)
Pentagon: A flat shape that has five angles and five sides. (پنج گوشہ)
Prism: A transparent glass or plastic object that usually has three sides (مخروط مستوی)
Rhombus: A parallelogram with four equal sides and sometimes one with no right angles
Rectangle: A parallelogram all of whose angles are right angles; especially :  one with adjacent sides of unequal length. (مستطیل)
Sphere: A round solid figure, or its surface, with every point on its surface equidistant from its centre. (گولہ، کرّہ)
Symmetrical: Made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis. (متشاکل تناسب)  
Triangle: A plane figure with three straight sides and three angles. (مثلث)
Trapezoid: A quadrilateral with no sides parallel. ( مربع منحرف نما)