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Cattle Related Terms (مویشیوں سے متعلق اصطلاحات)
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World and its Sphere

We will take up words related to sea and navigation.
Maritime: Anything related to the sea e.g., maritime trade
Seafaring: Use of sea for travel or transportation.
Anchor: A hook like heavy object linked to the ship by chain. It goes to the bottom of the sea and stops it from drifting on the waves.
Nautical Mile: A unit of measuring the length of journey on the sea. It is 1852 metres.
Dockyard: A facility where boats and ships are built.
Sail: A piece of fabric which is attached to the mast of ship in order that winds drives the ship.
Helmsman: A person who steers a ship.
Starboard: The right side of the board.
Hull: The basic framework of the ship on which it floats.