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Dr Panky, the Kind Doctor and Rufus, the Naughty Germ

By Nigar Ataulla

Bizzy-Dizzy was a big town full of big buildings. All through the day, cars, buses, bikes and trucks went zooming up and down the roads, beeping their horns so loudly that the little hens and pretty cows crossing the road jumped in fright.
Tinkles was a tiny girl who lived in this big town. Her best friends were Binkles, a little boy, and her plump cat Triggy.
Winter was setting in and the cold December wind blew hard and fast. Everybody put on their thick woolies. Tinkles wore an extra coat as every winter she caught a bad cold and cough. Often, when this happened, she would go to the forest fairies, who sold herbs which they said would cure her.
Although Bizzy- Dizzy Town had big hospitals, Tinkles was afraid to go there as she thought the big goblins in white coats, who worked there would give her injections which would make her even smaller than she already was and that she might even turn into a mouse. You can’t blame her for that: that’s what the forest fairies had told her.
The December winds became chilly, and Tinkles began coughing and sniffing like a coal engine. And so, one day, when it got too bad, off she went to the forest fairies, who gave her bottles of potions in different colours and a tin of brown pebble-shaped tablets . They told her to mix the tablets and the potions and have the concoction three times a day. Tinkles did just that, day after day, but each day her cough and cold became worse and she became even weaker.
One day, Binkles came to Tinkles’ home to cook lunch with her. Tinkles told him that she felt it was time for her to read out her final Will as she felt this winter, the forest fairies’ medicines were not going to work.
Watching Tinkles cough, Binkles told her that she should go at once to the big hospital and see the goblin doctors who worked there in their white coats. Binkles was a brainy boy and had read many books and he knew what he was talking. So, together they set off to the big hospital. There, they were taken to meet Dr.Panky, the senior goblin
doctor! Dr. Panky was not at all like what the forest fairies had said about doctors in the big hospital.
Instead, Dr. Panky had a wonderfully friendly face and a very kind smile and did not wear a white coat! Instead he wore a smart black suit and was very gentle and friendly.
Dr. Panky also wore spectacles. “I’m sure they are magic specs,” Binkles whispered to Tinkles as Dr. Panky took out a paper and pen and began scribbling something after having checked up Tinkles.
Dr. Panky patiently explained to Tinkles that there was nothing to worry about. First, some tests would be done to find out why Eerie Silly Rufus, (ESR), a mischievous germ in Tinkle’s body, was running about at a speed much faster than expected of, because of which, Dr. Panky explained, Tinkles was feeling so tired. Dr. Panky then gave some medicines to Tinkles, which she had to take for the next fortnight.
Tinkles began to feel brilliant just a few days after she began taking Dr. Panky’s medicines. She began to eat more than ever before and she was never as cheerful as she was now. She was really grateful indeed to the delightfully-helpful and super-efficient Dr. Panky. Whenever Tinkles and Binkles met, their main topic of gossip was Dr. Panky, and about how nice and understanding he was! They went around telling all the folks they knew in Bizzy-Dizzy Town about how hard-working, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient he was.
Tinkle’s cold and cough had just vanished in just a few days. Dr. Panky had said that it was important to find out if Eerie Silly Rufus was still running around fast in Tinkle’s body. So, she had a test done, and lo and behold, Eerie Silly Rufus was now back to crawling””at his normal speed.
Tinkles, of course, but Dr. Panky and Binkles, too, were very happy. Dr. Panky gave some additional medicines to Tinkles so that she would be stronger in future.
The word soon spread that Dr. Panky was a wonderful doctor and kings and queens from the lands across the seas began flocking to Dr. Panky when they were sick! He became the most famous doctor in all of Bizzy-Wizzy town.
As winter began fading away and the sun began to shine brightly, Tinkles became stronger. She was no longer afraid of chilly winters. Sharing the secret of her strength, she wrote in her diary, “My strong faith in my doctor Panky helped me get well soon!”
Back to school that summer, Tinkles read out to her class from her diary how her trust in her doctor and his kindness, had helped her become strong and how her fears about chilly winters had vanished!
Live with faith, not fear is her new motto!