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Story – Arhaam’s timely decision

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Once there lived a boy named Arhaam; he was very pure, innocent, and obedient. His parents trusted him and believed in him.

He had four friends Mubashir, Saad, Uzzair, and Bahaddur.

Even though his friends were good, sometimes Bahaddur encouraged everyone to do things that parents did not like telling a lie, going anywhere without informing, etc.

On New Year’s Eve, they all were very happy and wanted to enjoy the day to the fullest.

Arhaam went to his mother and took permission for going out; his mother said to him, “do whatever but remember not to cross the limits, Beta! you know that I trust you!” He assured his mother that he will not do anything bad and left with his friends.

They had a blast that day; they ate, played games, and enjoyed every minute.

Arhaam realized it was very late and informed everyone that he was leaving for the house, as his mother might be waiting for him. But his friends were not in the mood to leave the excitement so early, and they insisted he stay with them for some more time, and Arhaam agreed.

After some time, Bahaddur started teasing people on the road and started to behave indecently. All were laughing, and he was crossing his limits every time.

Suddenly Bahaddur decided to cross the limits further and he was encouraging others. Saad said,”No, please “, Uzzair said,”No”, Mubashir said,”my mom will kill me!” and only Arhaam was left to be Bahaddur’s target.

Bahaddur started to convince Arhaam to accompany him in performing that indecent act, and he almost convinced him and was about to go ahead with Bahaddur, suddenly his conscience realized that he was doing wrong. He would break his mother’s trust by crossing the limits of morality and ethics.

Arhaam stopped, but Bahaddur encouraged him again to move forward and said his parents were not there to watch him.

He stopped there and unleashed his hand and replied to him, “I will not lose my mom’s trust in me, no! never!” and he ran from there.

On returning home, he thanked Allah for guiding him and showing him the right path.

The moral of the story is to never lose anybody’s trust as ‘Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.’

by: Zainab Sohail, 14 years, Hyderabad…….