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Daily life is an opportunity provided for us to exercise the spirituality gained during our inner studies, reflection, and meditation.

By Swami Chidananda ji

“Each one of us has many things to overcome, renounce and discard; and every situation and circumstance is given to us as an opportunity for liberating ourselves from that which is holding us back from progressing towards our Divine destiny.
“If we thus perceive and understand life with a true spiritual vision, then our entire reaction to things that come to us day by day will be a creative reaction, a keen, analytical reaction: “What has this in it for me? God has given it with a definite plan and purpose. In what way can I gain from this situation, benefit myself and surge ahead? It does not come without meaning.” Thus, each situation, each set of circumstances each day, comes because that is the need for that day.
“Our outer life and our inner spiritual life of Japa, meditation, introspection, contemplation, reflection and concentration have a close, indispensable connection. They are necessary for each other. Our inner spiritual disciplines require to be tested for their authenticity, their genuineness, their effectiveness, and the scope and possibility for this is provided each waking day from dawn till dusk.
“Daily life is an opportunity provided for us to exercise the spirituality gained during our inner studies, reflection, Japa and meditation. It is the testing ground, so that each day our progress is really ours. We have made it our own by having tested it, proven it and possessed it. Until it has been tested and proven, it is not our own, it does not become part of us.
“Every spiritual step forward becomes assimilated into your nature when it is thus exercised. That which is exercised actively become firmly grounded, permanently and truly your own. Thus there is an indispensable connection between your daily Sadhana and your daily life.
“It is in the context of daily life that you are able to actively exercise and test your spiritual progress. It is in the context of your daily Sadhana that day by day the quality of your daily life is enhanced and enriched””it becomes further elevated to progressively ever higher dimensions of culture, refinement and a transformed spiritual nature [“¦] “May we thus see this unified nature of our inner and outer life and not see them as two separated, mutually exclusive and opposed aspects. They are not two. They are one integrated and unified process of spiritual evolution.”