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No Shortcut Way to Achieve Goals

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There is no shortcut to success. Success is not a coincidence or an accident. It is achieved because of constant hard work, struggle, and sacrifice. Especially nowadays the young generation looks for a shortcut to success which is not possible. To earn wealth, fame, and honor, it takes years of burning blood, then the result comes out somewhere.

Thomas Edison’s famous saying: Intelligence and genius are one percent work and ninety-nine percent effort.

A farmer was passing through the forest; he needed a bird’s petal.

A brown bird was sitting on a tree, she asked the farmer where are you going?
The farmer said: I am going in search of a petal.
Goriya inquired: What is in the swing?
The farmer said they are insects.
Goriya thought why I don’t give a feather and take a worm, my stomach will be full and I won’t have to wander around looking for worms.
She asked the farmer to take one of the feathers and give the worm.
The farmer gave the worm and took a feather.

So, this cycle went on for a few days, the farmer would take the worm, the Goriya would take the worm, and she would give one feather. Until all her feathers were lost, and she was unable to fly and eventually died.

You must have seen and heard many such cases in newspapers and news channels where youths and children end up in jail for making short-cut wealth.

Therefore, if we want to achieve something in life, we must adopt those methods and paths which, though very long, arduous, and lengthy, are sure to bring us to the destination of success.

The army personals are trained for years, and there are many strict rules and regulations of their training for sitting, eating, drinking, exercising, and other tasks, there is a daily schedule, and strict discipline is observed. Then ultimately becomes a soldier and he shows his efficiency on the battlefield. Similarly, an athlete in any field of the world puts in blood and sweat for years to develop skills in his field, then he goes and wins a medal by showing his skill in the Olympics or any other sports. Have you ever heard of an athlete winning a medal by taking a shortcut?

As a Muslim, every page of the life of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is proof that there is no short-cut way to achieve any goal. Had they fallen, they would not have had to eat stones in Taif, nor would they have had to leave their homes and dear homeland and migrate to Madinah. There would be no wars and no peace. Rather, within a few days, the Holy Prophet would have succeeded in spreading Islam everywhere and the flag of Islam would have been hoisted everywhere. But Islamic history is a witness that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) worked the hardest in the entire history of the world for the success of his goal. Take the most trouble and make the most sacrifices, then somewhere the lamp of Islam is lit.

Therefore, whether it is the goal of the world or the religion, whether it is a personal goal or that of the nation, whether it is a spiritual goal or physical, educational, or professional, there is no shortcut way to achieving any goal.