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Quran Stories For Toddlers

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Tell Your Toddler a Quranic Tale
As a toddler, I must have been quite naughty trying to pop mud into my mouth and doing other such naughty things, much to the horror of my parents! Thankfully, toddlers of today’s times are very lucky, and their parents luckier, what with such wonderful books for little children now available like “Quran Stories For Toddlers” by Saniyasnain Khan.
At first sight, this little book looks like a piece of multi- coloured cake! Packed with cute illustrations, the baby font used for the copy makes the book appealing for both parents and the toddlers. It’s a sort of read-out-aloud book which parents can use to narrate Quranic stories to kids. Starting with stories like “Allah Made the First Man”, “The Two Brothers” and “Prophet Nuh Builds a Boat” and ending with “The Birth of Prophet Isa”, the book presents some of the basics of Islam in a joyful and lively style which kids will enjoy.
Goodword Books, publishers of this book, is led by Saniyasnain Khan, an Indian children’s author with over 100 children’s books to his credit. He hopes that this timeless volume will help children to know the true purpose and meaning of life. His wonderful team comprising illustrators Gurmeet and BindiaThapar, editors Sufia Khan and Maria Khan, art editor Mateen Ahmad and graphic designer Asjad Ali have done a marvelous job of making “Quran Stories for Toddlers” a wonderful gift by introducing children to 12 beautiful stories from the Quran. Each story comes with a verse or prayer from the Quran. The book offers an unique opportunity for kids and parents to read together from an early age and to understand the message of the Quran.
The book is available in two colours”¦blue and pink. The pink one says it’s “For Girls” and the blue says it’s “For Boys”. I wondered why the difference when the contents are the same? Maybe author Saniyasnain Khan has an answer to this enigma!