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Terms Related with Real Estate – املاک برائے خرید و فروخت

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What is Real Estate?
Any property that can be bought, sold or rented is real estate. Usually the natural resources existing on or within the property are also included in real estate.
(جائیداد برائے خرید و فروخت یاکرائے کے لیے ہو)
Realtor: Realtors include agents that work as residential and commercial real estate brokers, salespeople, property managers, appraisers, counselors and other real estate professionals. But ‘Realtor’ is a trade mark assigned by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) of United States. General term for those who help people buy, sell or rent property is ‘Estate Agent’.
(دلال جو مکانات کی خریدو فروخت کرتا ہو)
Realty: Immovable property like land or house. (جائیدادغیر منقولہ)
Condominium: An apartment building in which each apartment is individually and wholly owned and the common areas are jointly owned. Each unit has separate deed.
(بڑی عمارت میں نجی ملکیت کے فلیٹ)
Apartment: It is a term used for flat in American English denoting a set of rooms on a single floor for living with other facilities such as kitchen and washroom.
(بڑی عمارت میں ایک ہی قسم کے گھر)
Villa: An imposing country or suburban home of a wealthy person.
(مضافاتی علاقے میں چھٹیاں گزارنے کا مکان)
Row houses: One of a series of houses, often of similar or identical design, situated side by side and joined by common walls.
(مشترکہ صحن والے گھر)
Carpet area: Carpet area is the net useable area in a building or house. It does not include thickness of walls or pillars.
(قابلِ استعمال رقبہ)
Built-up area: The carpet area, plus the area taken by walls, pillars and balconey is called built-up area.
(قابلِ استعمال جگہ اور دیوار،ستون اور بالکنی کا مجموعی علاقہ)
Super Built-up area includes common amenities, such as the area of lift shafts, lobby, and corridor, proportionately divided among all flats. The common usable areas, such as a swimming pool, garden and clubhouse, may also be included in it.
(کسی لے آؤٹ میں باغ، راہداری،لِفٹ، زینہ،برآمدہ ، کلب ہاؤز کا علاقہ جو فلیٹ مالکان کے درمیان تناسب سے تقسیم کیا جاتا ہے).
Floor Space Index (FSI) is the ratio between the total built-up area and plot area available allowed by the government for a particular locality. Premium FSI refers to permission obtained to build extra floor space by paying a premium.
(فرش کی جگہ کا انڈکس یعنی تعمیر شدہ فرش کے رقبے یا پلاٹ کے رقبے کے درمیان کا تناسب)
HVAC Refers to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning system installed in a building to regulate temperature.
(وہ تمام آلات جو عمارت کو ٹھنڈا، گرم یا ہوادار بناتے ہیں)
Pugree: An Indian term used to describe an interest free security deposit given to landlords which is refundable at the expiry of the lease term to the outgoing tenant by the successive tenant.
(عمارت یا مکان کے لیے دی گئی زرِ ضمانت)
Lease: A contract under which one party land or property against a sum for a specific period. (اِجارہ)
Encumbrance: An impediment to the use or transfer of the property in the form of an interest or right in the property.
(رہن یا قرض سے زیربار املاک)
Tenant: One who occupies land or property and pays rent.
(کرائے دار)
Title: Document showing ownership of a property.
(ملکیت کے شواہد یا دستاویزات)