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Words related with Garments, Clothes, Dressing

Livery: A distinctive uniform worn by the male servants of a household. (وردی)

Tuxedo: A man’s dress jacket worn for formal occasions. Also call dinner jacket. (ڈنر جیکیٹ)

Uniform: A distinctive clothing to identify the members of a group or employees. (وردی)

Stockings: A women’s garment, typically made of translucent nylon or silk, that fits closely over the foot. (لمبی زنانہ جراب)

Kimono: A loose, light robe worn chiefly by Japanese women. (جاپان کا روایتی لباس, میکسی ٹائپ مگر کمر میں پٹکے کے ساتھ )

Sarong: A garment consisting of a length of cloth that is wrapped around the body and tied at the waist, worn by men and women in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Pacific islands. (تہمد جو عورت اور مرد دونوں پہنتے ہیں, اکثر ملیشیأ یا جاوا میں)

Haute Couture: High fashion; the most fashionable, expensive, and exclusive designer clothing. (علیٰ فیشن کا قیمتی لباس).

Tracksuit: A loose-fitting jacket and pans work for sport or exercise.( دوڑ کا لباس)

Apron: A garment usually fastened in the back, worn over all or part of the body to protect while washing or cooking. (پیش بند یا حفاظتی لباس)

Gloves: A close-fitting covering for the hand with a separate sheath for each finger, to protect the hand from the cold.( دستانے)

Mittens: A covering for the hand that encases the thumb separately and the four fingers together. (مکّے بازی کے دستانے)

Muffler: A heavy scarf worn around the neck for warmth.( مفلر)

Gown: A long loose flowing garment, such as a robe or nightgown.( گاؤن)

Abaya: A loose, usually black robe worn by Muslim women (ابایہ),

Stole: A long cloth worn around both shoulders by women.( کندھوں کے گرد ڈھکنے والا لمبا کپڑا)

Scarf: A long piece of cloth worn about the head, neck, or shoulders. (اسکارف)

Swimsuit: Tight body covering worn while swimming. (تیراکی کا لباس)

Costume: Distinctive style of dress of a particular people, class, or period. (کسی قوم کا روایتی لباس)

Kilts: A pleated, knee-length skirt worn by men in Scottish highlands. (اسکاٹش مردوں کا سکرٹ)

Laundry: A place where clothes and linen are washed. (دھوبی گھر)

Hosiery: A term used for stockings, socks, and knitted under clothings (زیر جامہ لباس)

Vest: A sleeveless, waist-length garment usually worn over shirts for warmth or style (سدری)

Cardigan: A knitted garment that opens down full length of the front, (لمبی آستین کا سویٹر جو سامنے سے کھلا ہو ).

Seamstress: Female tailor. (درزن)

Cape, Cloak: Loose outergarment (بے آستین کا لبادہ)

Trousseau: Clothes and linen for a bride, Bridal dress (دلہن کا لباس)