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Two Kids in Lola Land! With Pola the Pony and Cola the Camel

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The children were to spend a week in Lola Land””to have a fun time and also to learn how the Lolafolks, as they were called, lived.

By Binkles

Dolcy and Chinku lived in Tedi Town, a big city with tall buildings, huge mega-markets and many, many buses, cars and trains. Tedi Town had lots of people and heavy traffic. Dolcy and Chinku often had to wait for quite some time before crossing the road as there were many vehicles zipping up and down. But the little kids would take God’s Name and ask God to help them to cross.
One year, during the winter holidays, Dolcy and Chinku’s school took them for a holiday to Lola Land, which was a quiet little village. As soon as Dolcy and Chinku reached Lola Land they were very excited!
‘ Wuppy, it’s so pretty””the hills and the cute cottages, goodness gracious! Look at all the lovely plants around! And see that sweet little kitten on the fence!’ exclaimed Chinku.
The kids were taken to a big dormitory, where they were to stay. Through the windows, they could see the hills and smoke billowing from kitchen chimneys from the cottages that were scattered about. Apple, orange and cherry trees grew in the valley below. A little stream flowed by, and birds dropped by to sip water.
The children were to spend a week in Lola Land””to have a fun time and also to learn how the Lolafolks, as they were called, lived.
The next morning Dolcy Chinku and all the other kids had a hearty breakfast of oats and fruits and set off to explore Lola Land with kind Uncle Roma and his wife, Aunty Bloo.
Uncle Roma and Aunty Bloo took the children to the main market place, where they spotted people crowding around a string of bells. The bells were all shaped like animals””camels, donkeys, horses, ponies and so on””and were tied to long ropes.
‘Goodness gracious, What are these, Uncle?’ asked Dolcy.
Uncle Roma explained that in Lola Land if people had to travel a long distance, they did not use taxis, autos or buses because it would pollute the environment. Instead, they had lots of animals that drew carts in which they could ride.
‘Come kids, let me show you this,’ said Uncle Roma, taking Dolcy and Chinku by the hand. ‘Let’s go to see Windy Woo Castle up on the hill today.” He told Dolcy and Chinku that they could choose any bell they wanted to and ring it up down.
The children chose the pony bell. And lo and behold, soon a white pony wearing a blue ribbon around its neck trotted up to them, nodded its head in greeting.
“Hey kids, this is Pola the Pony,” said Uncle Roma. “Give him a jaggery cookie and pat him a bit and he will take us to the castle.”
“How cute!” squealed Dolcy and Chinku as they climbed into Pola Pony’s cart and set off to Windy Woo Castle with Uncle Roma.
Dolcy and Chinku had a wonderful time exploring the castle. The folks they met there were very kind and gave them candies and cakes as a treat.
As the sun began setting over the hills and it was time to return, Dolcy and Chinku asked Uncle Roma if they want to ride back in a camel cart. They had never seen a camel before! At the exit of the castle there were bells for animal carts, and there they rang a bell shaped in the form of a camel. In a short while a pretty brown camel gently walked towards them, a big smile across its face.
“This is Cola, the Camel,” said Uncle Roma.
The kids gave Cola a handful of date muffins and a big, warm hug and excitedly climbed into her cart along with Uncle Roma.
Dolcy and Chinku spent their vacation doing many fun things, like exploring book shops and toy shops and bakeries and the fields and forests around, with Pola the Pony, Cola the Camel, Dino the Donkey and Mola the Mule as their guides and travelling companions. What great fun they all had!