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Welcome to Chimpu’s 24-Hour Catetaria!

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Sometimes, even what seems like an impossible dream can come true. And that’s exactly what happened with Chimpu!

By Sho Pa!

There are many wonderful things about my dear friend Chimpu that I could tell you about. One of these is that she runs one of the only absolutely free-of-cost 24 hour-catetarias in town.
No! No! Catetaria isn’t a spelling mistake. I really did mean to spell it that way.
Now, the dictionary won’t tell you what a catetaria is, so let me tell you. It is a cafeteria meant specially for cats!
Would you like to know how Chimpu set up her catetaria?
Okay, it’s like this. Chimpu had a great love for animals, including and especially for cats. She really wished she could keep a cat at home as a pet! How lovely that would be! She’d dream of playing ball or hide-and-seek with the cat, cooking it its favourite dishes and cuddling up with it in bed at night. But Chimpu lived with her family, and not all of them felt the same way about cats as she did. Living with others, we can’t always have our own way, isn’t it? We need to think of what others like if we want to be on good terms with them. Because others in her family didn’t like the idea of a cat living inside the house, Chimpu couldn’t get to have a cat as a pet.
But you know what? Sometimes, even what seems like an impossible dream can come true. And that’s exactly what happened with Chimpu!
One day, a little kitten strayed into the backyard of Chimpu’s house.
“Meow! Meow! Meeeeeow!” it began crying.
As soon as Chimpu heard the kitten, she rushed outside. And when she saw the little thing her heart melted! It was such cute ball of wool, painted over with little black, brown, orange and white splashes!
“Don’t cry, my child! Don’t cry! I’ll just be back! I won’t be a minute! I’ll get you something really yummy!” Chimpu said to the kitten and ran into the kitchen to fetch a bowl of creamy milk for it.
You should have seen how rapidly Kitty””that’s what Chimpu named her””lapped up the milk with her little pink tongue! She was really very hungry. And when Kitty had polished off all the milk, she looked up to Chimpu and cutely blinked her little green eyes as if to say “Thank you!” and then rolled over on the floor on her back, as if inviting Chimpu to play with her!
You won’t believe how happy Chimpu was! For the first time in her life she got to play with a kitten. All this while she had only read about little girls like her playing with kittens in storybooks.
Kitty now began arriving at Chimpu’s home every day, almost always soon after Chimpu returned from school. Before Chimpu would get down to having lunch, she would step out into the backyard with a bowl of milk and sometimes biscuits or some other treat for her friend. And sure enough, Kitty would be patiently waiting for her. After both Chimpu and Kitty had finished their lunch, they would spend some time playing with each other and having a real ball!
Soon, the word that Chimpu loved cats began to spread in the lanes around her home, where many cats roamed about. Maybe it was Kitty who broadcast the news. One by one, new cats began arriving in Kitty’s backyard. Chimpu never turned anyone of them away, even if they were fat grown-up cats who could fend for themselves. She always had something to give them to eat or drink. It really made her happy to feed them and then play with them! They would stay for a while and then would be off Chimpu didn’t know where!
That is how even though Chimpu couldn’t get to keep a cat inside her house as a pet, she managed to make almost a dozen cat friends, who would come over any time, day or night, for a biscuit and milk to her backyard, which is, as I said, happens to be one of the few free 24-hour catetarias in town!
Would you like to start a catetaria too?