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Words Related with Fabrics and Textiles (کپڑے اور ٹکسٹائل سے متعلق الفاظ)

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Brocade: Heavy cloth with raised design often of gold or silver thread.
(زربفت کمخواب جس پر زری سے ابھرے ہوئے کام کیے جاتے ہیں)

Buckram: A stiff cotton fabric for interlining the collars, waist belt portions of pant etc.
(کالر یا کمر کے لیے استعمال ہونے والا سخت کپڑا، بُکرَم ۔ کَلَف دار سُوتی کَپڑا)

Corduroy: A cotton-pile fabric with lengthwise cords or ridges. (موٹا دھاری دار، دبیز سوتی کپڑا)

Chintz: Printed multicoloured cotton fabric with a glazed finish, used for curtains and upholstery.
(چھپا ہوا یا چھینٹ کا کپڑا)

Chiffon: A sheer fabric of silk, nylon, or rayon in plain weave.
(شفان،ہلکا،شفاف،ملائم ریشمی کپڑا)

Drapery: Cloth or curtains hung in loose folds. (پردوں کا کپڑا)
Embroidery: The art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton gold, silver or other material upon any woven fabric, leather, paper etc with a neddle. (کشیدہ کاری)

Handloom: Cloth produced on hand operated looms.
(کھادی، ہتکرگھا)

Flannel: A soft, warm, light fabric of cotton and another fiber mostly used for sleepwear, undergarments or sheets.
(فلالین،اونی کپڑا)

Hosiery: A word used especially in shops for things such as socks, tights, and stockings.
(موزے ، بُنیان فروشی ، ہوزری ،جُرابیں)

Khaki ““ Dust coloured warp face twill, softer and finer than drill. Name derived from Urdu ‘Khak’ means dust or mud. Fabric made of cotton, linen, wool, worsted, or manmade fibers and blends. (خاکی)

Knitwear: Clothes made by connecting wool or another type of threat into joined rows.
(بُنی ہوئی پوشاک)
Linen: Strong cloth made from fibres of the flax seeds. Linen is mostly the cloth used for covering, wiping, etc. It could be called table linen, bed linen etc.
(کتان کا باریک کپڑا،لینن،سن کے ریشے سے بنا کپڑا)

Muslin: An inexpensive, medium weight, plain weave, low count (less than 160 threads per square inch) cotton sheeting fabric. (ململ)

Pashmina: Fine type of wool made from Himalayan goats in Kashmir. (انتہائی نرم کشمیری اون)
Rayon: A natural fiber created from wood pulp, it usually has good drape and a soft hand.
(ریشہ، دھاگا)

Thermal: Clothes made of special material to keep the body warm.
(گرم زیر جامہ، حرارت روک کپڑے)

Tweed: Thick material made from wool of several different colours. (رنگین، دھاری دار، اونی کپڑا)

Upholstery: Material used to cushion or cover furniture. It may be of leather, canvas or thick cloth. (فرنیچر کی پوشش)

Velvet: A cloth usually made from silk or cotton with soft surface. (مخمل)

Worsted: Firmly twisted yarn spun from combed, stapled wool fibres.
(اعلیٰ قسم کے اونی ریشوں سے بنا کپڑا)