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Bengaluru surgeon finds new anatomical opening in lower jaw

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Researchers continue to unravel intricate mysteries of the human anatomy and the latest to board the discovery bandwagon is oral maxillofacial and cleft surgeon Dr Nyer Firdoose from Bengaluru, who has found a new anatomical opening in the lower jaw. The opening, referred to as ‘foramen’ in anatomical terminology, is a passageway through which blood vessels and nerves run to different organs and sensory structures of the body. Dr Nyer’s discovery might help dental surgeons and anaesthetists in ensuring their treatment protocols are precise and in avoiding failures in treatment techniques. The discovery is also expected to play a role in treatment of oral cancer, in which patients have to undergo surgery to get the tumour removed.
Dr Nyer, who is currently practising in Saudi Arabia, said: “In several cases, patients have complained to their dentists about pain during routine surgical procedures despite administration of anaesthesia in adequate doses. One of the reasons for anaesthesia being ineffective is the presence of additional nerves in the foramen, which is overlooked during the surgical procedure. My discovery revolves around the presence of such additional nerves within the foramen, which often seems to go unnoticed as we are not taught to look at anything beyond the teeth. This discovery will help surgeons and anaesthetists be more cautious and customise treatment accordingly.”