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Corruption Perception Index – India Improves its Rating

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Pak, Saudi Arabia, Russia further slid on the ratings.

There is some good news on corruption front for us, Indians. India is placed at 90th place among the 176 countries ranked in 2012 Corruption Perception Index by Berlin based Transparency International. Last year we were placed on 95th place. Pakistan has slid from 134 to 139th place. Even the Salafist paradise, Saudi Arabia has grown more corrupt, coming down on the Transparency’s list from 57th last year to 66th position this year.
Corruption’s rapacious hold over the societies is nowhere loosening. The United States has improved itself by moving up from 24 to 19 but the United Kingdom has slid from 16th to 17th place.
Two-thirds of the 176 countries ranked in 2012 index score below 50, on a scale from zero (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 100 (perceived to be very clean).
How are they placed?
Denmark, Finland and New Zealand are the least corrupt scoring 90 of the 100 marks. But on the other extreme, Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia are the most corrupt with virtually no accountability of the administration.
Besides Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, other countries that occupy the top ten ranks are: 4-Sweden, 5-Singapore, 6-Switzerland, 7-Austria, 8-Norway, 9-Canada, 10-Netherlands.
Where do other important countries stand?
Germany is at 13, Japan at 17, UK 17, USA 19, France 22, South Korea at 45, South Africa 69, China 80, India 94, and Russia 133.
Where do the Muslim countries figure?
Qatar and the UAE share 27th place with some other countries. Oil rich Brunei stands at 46. Bahrain is placed 53rd. Malaysia and Turkey share the 54th place. Jordan is at 68. Holy Saudi Arabia shares 66th ranks with Jordan and Romania.
Emerging from revolution Tunisia takes the 75th place. Algeria is 105 on the list. Egypt and Indonesia tie for 118th place. Iran and Kazakhstan vie for 133rd place with Russia. Pakistan comes 139th and stands with Nepal and Nigeria. Poverty-ridden Bangladesh takes the 144th place. Embattled Syria should be naturally down and is placed 144th. Iraq 169, Sudan 173, Afghanistan 174, Somalia 174, are some of the most corrupt societies, continue to occupy the bottom.
Why Corruption?
Corruption happens when politicians place their own interest above the public’s. Corruption does not happen by way of pushing envelopes with money under the table alone. It happens in myriad ways. All decisions that benefit some individuals or sections of people or rulers and contravene the rules of justice and fair play, are included in corruption.
Top ten countries that are least corrupt
1-Denmark, 2-Finland, 3-New Zealand, 4-Sweden, 5-Singapore, 6-Switzerland, 7-Austria, 8-Norway, 9-Canada, 10-Netherlands.
Where do other important countries stand?
Germany at 13, Japan and the UK at 17, USA 19, France 22, South Korea at 45, South Africa 69, Bosnia 72, China 80, India 94, Russia 133.
Transparency International is the global civil society organization leading the fight against corruption. It arouses consciousness through mobilization of campaign through 90 chapters worldwide.

Says Huguette Labelle, Chairman, Transparency International: “We must ensure that there are real consequences to corruption. ‘No to impunity’ cannot just be a slogan ““ it must be carried out with all our combined strength and inspire citizens to speak up and to no longer tolerate corruption.”
The Corruption Perceptions Index forces governments around the world to take notice of corruption ““ their country’s score reflects on them. But recognising the problem is only the first step towards a solution. It is one reason, the Transparency International demands accountability from the leaders of the countries ranked in the index.
(Information for the above article was extracted from http://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2012/in_detail/#myAnchor3)