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Dubai Ranked Number One in the World as Lifestyle Destination

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Dubai: A new report from the global real estate consultancy, Knight Frank which assesses culture, education and cost of living, finds that Dubai ranks number one, with the highest ranking for education and an excellent score for climate. The review revealed Dubai as the top location, coming first in 3 out of the 4 categories. Mallorca and the Cayman Islands followed in joint second place, both achieving consistently well throughout. Asian dynamite Hong Kong came first for its high quality restaurants, while Nassau in the Bahamas was top of the table for hours of sunshine. Ottawa and Auckland shared first place for the availability of leisure pursuits, the report states. According to Knight Frank, the factors taken into account were: education, climate, leisure pursuits and the availability of top quality restaurants. Traditional locations, such as London, Paris and New York, scored well in a number of these areas, but the review showed that the key to a high lifestyle ranking was consistency in every aspect across the spectrum. In the city rankings, Geneva came out on top, closely followed by Hong Kong. With 370 offices worldwide, Knight Frank says it uses its local knowledge and extensive experience of these offices to provide a global lifestyle overview for clients who are considering relocating or looking to invest.