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Eco-Friendly Mosque Planned in Dubai

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Dubai plans to build the first eco-friendly mosque near the Clock tower Roundabout in Deira. Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) said, the 45,000 square feet mosque would take shape over an area of 105,000 square feet. As the largest mosque in Dubai,
the facility will accommodate 3,500 worshippers. Using green building techniques, the mosque is likely to be completed in 2013. The mosque will feature green spaces, like gardens on the roof for heat insulation. In addition to green building technologies such as solar panels to heat water for ablution and the imam’s house, the mosque will incorporate recycling plants to treat water used in ablution for re-use. Equipped with the latest technologies in energy efficiency to curb wastage in airconditioning and air purifying, the mosque will be constructed with eco-friendly materials and avoid the use of asbestos and polystyrene