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Germany Selling Arms to Countries Bombing Yemen

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Germany’s coalition government approved nearly ‚¬400 million in arms exports to Saudi Arabia and its allies involved in the Yemen war, local media reported. Despite a coalition government agreement last March restricting arms exports to countries involved in the Yemeni conflict, Berlin has so far approved 208 arms deals with Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Egypt Jordan and Kuwait, according to German news agency DPA. Arms deals with Saudi Arabia has topped the list with the government issuing 10 permits worth ‚¬255 million, followed by dozens of defence contracts with the UAE which amounted to ‚¬57 million.Opposition parties heavily criticized Chancellor Angela Merkel and her coalition partner Social Democrats for the arms deals. “The federal government must stop aiding Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen. There should be no more arms deals with the dictators, neither with Saudi Arabia, nor with the UAE, which is its close ally in the Yemen war,” the Left Party wrote on Twitter.