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Hobbit Houses Carved into Hillside in Turkey

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The arid plains of central Turkey may seem like a long way from the leafy Shire, but this has not stopped one town from cashing in on the success of the Lord of the Rings films by building its very own Hobbit town. Inspired by JRR Tolkein’s fantasy epic, transformed into a Hollywood blockbuster by Peter Jackson, two hobbit houses houses have already been carved into the hillside at the Pasabahce Picnic Area in Sivas in Anatolia. But the demand for the unusual holiday homes is already so great, the mayor is planning to build 100 more. Each 65 square-metre home comprises a modern bedroom, a living room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen. The Mayor of the Sivas municipality Sami Aydın, said: “I’m baffled at the demand. The houses will be carved into the mountain and only the front terraces of them will have a valley view. People will be able to book these houses for a week or ten days.We initiated this project in order to put the valley to good use and establish a new tourism area both for Sivas and Turkey.” The mayor also claimed that the building of the village would in no way harm the natural habitat of the area or destroy the mountains.