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Islamic Finance – Ethica to Train Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Staff

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Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, one of the world’s largest Islamic financial institutions, announced hiring Alexandria (Egypt) based Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance (ADIB in Arabic), the leader in Islamic finance training and certification, to deliver its online Islamic finance training certificate (CIFE) to its senior leaders and their deputies.
Mohamed Abbas, Head of Training at ADIB Egypt said, “After looking at all our options, Ethica came away as the clear choice for bank-wide Islamic finance training. They had already won us over with their cost advantage; what secured their place as our top choice was the superb quality of their online training and certification.” ADIB was named ‘Best Islamic Bank’ by Business Banking and Finance Magazine for two consecutive years.
Ethica’s spokesperson said, “Banks are slowly coming to the realization that 3-day crash courses are expensive and ineffective. Banks now realize that learners want self-paced learning, 365 days a year. It saves banks money and teaches bankers how to do their jobs properly.” Hiring Ethica brings ADIB year-round, 100% online Islamic finance training and certification in Egypt as well as a back-end dashboard allowing managers to monitor learner progress each week.
Ethica’s clients include several global banking giants, most notably Mashreq bank in Dubai, where 1,000 bankers were trained. The move marks a major turning point in an industry lacking in trained and certified bankers and scholars. Ethica’s award-winning CIFE, or Certified Islamic Finance Executive program, is now trusted by more professionals, with students from over 100 financial institutions in 56 countries around the world.