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Khalsa Aid Gifts Quran to Iraqi Refugee Camp

M. A. Ataulla
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As Muslims around the world celebrated the holy month of Ramzan, the Sikh charitable group Khalsa Aid is earning praise for a touching gesture. The UK-based philanthropic group recently gifted copies of the holy Quran to people living in a refugee camp in Iraq. The Sikh group has made headlines in the past for helping refugees in the Middle-East and Europe by providing them with essential supplies, and also making festivals special for them. In Iraq, the group presented five copies of the holy book to the camp’s manager near Mosul. The volunteers were distributing food packs for iftar to the camp’s residents when the manager asked if they could arrange for the Quran. The group’s volunteers obliged and a video of the moment when it was handed over is going viral. Many on social media lauded Khalsa Aid for their act of kindness.