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Malala’s Global Effort on Girls’ Education

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Las Vegas: Taliban’s efforts to keep girls away from education in Pakistan was defeated by their very action of shooting her, says Malala Yousafzai, the world’s youngest Nobel laureate. “The result is that today millions of people all over the world are speaking out” and taking action against keeping young girls away from the liberating influence of education, she told an audience of several thousand techies here recently. She was invited by VMware for their VMworld 2018 conference to talk about her rising from the near-death experience to become a leading voice in the world on educating young girls. She was interviewed on the stage by Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operating Officer of VMware. She was repeatedly greeted with applause from an appreciative audience as she told her story of defiance. She said she had to fight against the mindset of people “” manifested by the Taliban men “” who were against educating girls, or even allowing them to move out of their homes alone. Poonen sought to know why she had forgiven the person who sought to kill her. She said he was a young Taliban follower who was told that he had to kill a “blasphemous” person. He thought he was doing good in a twisted thinking about Islam “” a religion, she said, which spreads the message of kindness, tolerance and peace. “Hate and anger is a waste of energy and I did not want to waste my energy”, and so she moved on to “forgive” the person who had attacked her. She told the 100 students invited to the conference from two schools that they should “believe in themselves” and speak up about things they believe in.
(Extracted from muslimmirror.com)