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Muslims leaving fajr prayer from a mosque in East London recently risked their lives by running into a burning block tower to rescue hundreds of people who were asleep, WTX News reported. A local resident said “They made sure everyone got out. They knocked on each door until someone opened. There were six or seven of them and they were only young. If it wasn’t for them we would never have got out.”At about 2.40am members of Madina Mosque, near the Lea Bridge roundabout, in Hackney, spotted a fire on the eighth floor of Gooch House on Kenninghall Road. Running towards the building, they began banging on all doors to wake everyone up. Madina Mosque chair Mohammed Sidat said he was extremely proud and that it showed a side of Islam people didn’t always get to hear about. The blaze, caused by a discarded cigarette, was brought under control within an hour.