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Plans to build Robotic Surgery Center in UAE

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Abu Dhabi: A world-renowned surgeon is in talks with UAE investors to build a multimillion-dirham robotic surgery centre in the emirate. It would be the first in the world with the technology to perform every kind of robotic surgery under one roof, said Adolfo Panfili, an Italian surgeon. Robotic surgery is a technique in which a surgeon performs an operation using a computer that remotely controls tiny instruments attached to a robot. Prof Panfili said that, while the plan was still in the very early stages, he had met several investors for talks on the private health centre. It would provide robotic neurosurgery, spine, knee, hip and general surgery, and urological, vascular and ophthalmological operations. Robotic equipment is expensive, and Prof Panfili estimates the centre would cost up to $20 million. “A standard surgical robot costs about ‚¬1.3m. While robotic surgery is a fast-growing sector of medicine, the concept is new to the Emirates”, said Prof Panfili. He said robotic surgery had a 99.7 per cent success rate – about 10 per cent better than traditional operations. The technology also minimizes the damage to the patient. Prof Panfili said he hoped the centre would be built in the next two to five years, and will include a training centre for surgeons.