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Prayer for Unity in Baku

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Baku: (Azerbaijan): A “Prayer for Unity” was held in Heydar Mosque in the capital city of Baku as part of the ongoing ‘Year of Multiculturalism’ in Azerbaijan. One of the most influential religious leaders of the Republic, the plenipotentiary representative of the Office of Caucasus Muslims, Shahin Hasanli, expressed confidence that the event could make a great contribution to the strengthening of a tolerant environment between the followers of different religions and denominations in the South Caucasus country, as well as worldwide. “On this prayer call, the Prayer for Unity, for the first time in the world, all Muslims, no matter which branch of Islam they claim to belong to, gathered together at one time, in one place, made prayers to God. In different countries, religion is becoming a tool for creating political confrontations. “Representatives of radical movements…are provoking wars in which tens of thousands of people are suffering,” said Hasan Ali. He added that “Azerbaijan is famous for its tradition of tolerance. But at the same time, in Azerbaijan the attitude towards people of other religions and cultures has been higher than tolerance. It has been at the level of brotherhood.”