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“Watu Wote” Nominated for Oscar Award

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A Kenyan-German short film called “Watu Wote,” which depicts the real life story of Muslim passengers risking their lives to save Christians on a bus when Islamist radicals attacked in 2015, has been nominated for an Oscar award. The full list of Oscar nominations was released recently, with “Watu Wote” up for Best Live Action short film at the 90th Academy Awards. The Christian Post referred to the incident the movie is based on, which happened back in December 2015, when Al-Shabaab terror group radicals ambushed a bus in Kenya that was carrying close to 100 people, both Christians and Muslims alike. The radicals, which earlier that year had killed 152 people at Garissa University College while hunting down specifically Christian students, again attempted to separate the Muslim passengers from the Christian ones, with the intent to kill the latter. The Muslims stood up for the Christians on the bus, however, with the women sharing their hijabs in order to help them hide.