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Prince Charles Warns of Return to ‘Dark Days of 1930s’

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London: Britain’s Prince Charles warned against intolerance towards refugees fleeing religious persecution, saying the rising tide of populism was reminiscent of the “dark days” of the 1930s. “The suffering doesn’t end when they arrive seeking refuge in a foreign land,” the heir to the throne told BBC radio. “We are now seeing the rise of many populist groups across the world that are increasingly aggressive towards those who adhere to a minority faith.” Charles said his comments applied not just to Christians fleeing parts of the Middle East but also to other persecuted faiths in the world including Yazidis, Jews, Ahmadi Muslims and Baha’i people. Referring to the “monstrous extremism” seen in World War II, the Prince of Wales said the fact that “nearly 70 years later we should still be seeing such evil persecution is to me beyond all belief”.
In the run-up to Christmas, he pointed to the idea that Jesus’ family had sought refuge from persecution, and said the Prophet Mohammad had also “migrated” from Mecca to Medina in search of religious freedom.