UK Muslim Population 27 lakhs – 68% Muslims are of Asian origin

London: The latest Census statistics reveal that the population of Muslims in England stands at 27 lakh. It was 16 lakh in 2001. Muslims constitute 4.8% of the total population, an increase from 2.7% in 2001.
Sixty eight per cent Muslims are of Asian origin (Indo-Pak subcontinent). Blacks constitute 10%, whites 8%, Arabs 6%, mixed 4% and others 4%. It is for the first time that the Census has given statistics about Muslims. Earlier, it included them all in various ethnic categories. .
Muslims have the youngest age profile among all religious communities. Almost one-third is below 15 years of age and 17% are aged 16-24 year. The age demographics indicate that 290,000 Muslims are in 9-14 age group.
Around 40% Muslims live London. Muslims form majority in Birmingham-Hodge Hill (52%) and Bradford West (51%) parliamentary constituencies. In another 18 constituencies, they represent from 46% to 22%. In ten Local Authority districts of London, Muslim population ranges from 34% (in Tower Hamlets)18.6% (Leicester).
The Census figures indicate that excluding Christians, Muslims constitute 58% of the minority faiths. Even Hindu population has registered 48% increase during the decade while Buddhists have recorded 70% increase. (Courtesy: The Muslim News, London)


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