Lessons from the disease like Corona

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No doubt, the corona disease spreading far and wide has influenced the world of humanity with its flying weapons of destruction. It has caused troubles disturbing even the settings of administrative blocks from one region to others in the cladding of Covid-19. But the burning questions arise why does a disease like Corona known as covid-19 bewilders only human beings? Why doesn’t it attack the beasts and domestic animals? Are the human beings living in the world only guilty to be punished by our Sustainer, and not the animals living in the world in addition to mankind? In this way, if you gravely contemplate such issues, you will often conclude that we, human beings, have no determinations to get lessons about our blunders from Nature. Here in this issue, I would like to disclose the facts of our failure on the grounds of my research.

In natural phenomenon, mankind is regarded as the supreme creature among all creatures of the world. Allah, the Creator of all universes, has preferred mankind with authenticities of choices, Good or Evil, which he performs based on his wisdom. He gets rewards from Nature when he avoids evils, and like this, Nature punishes him when he embraces evils avoiding virtues about which Nature orders humans to follow. As far as the animals breathing on the earth are concerned, they have not been given a pill of choosing rights or wrongs like human beings. They obey the commands of Nature and do the work only to which they have been sent on the earth.

Our human history depicts the fact that Allah, the Lord of natural phenomena and the master of the Day of Judgment, torments humans on the earth whenever He finds corruptions in bulk from corrupts. In the period of Noah, the prophet of the time, when people in the majority started disobeying Noah’s commands, despite his directions, Allah destroyed all the disbelievers except the persons who followed Noah. At the same pace, Allah did not spare the people engaged in rape cases in the period of Lot (Hazrat Loot). Like this in human history, we often find destructions in human locations when the people in majority were found busy doing evil deeds or the works which human’s positive Nature doesn’t allow for doing in practicality. In the hand of Allah, Nature is the most compassionate for all the human beings breathing on the earth. But later on, the people taking lessons on their mistakes are again paralleled to those who maintain piety with good deeds based on legal grounds.

It seems to me it would, of course, be better for all of us to derive lessons from our destructions as well. The corona disease known as Covid-19 is also bringing us to a level of understanding. The lesson being derived from this disease highlights a contemplative ideology, in my opinion. The corona disease reminds us of the facts of our pastoral periods. How people in the past repented on their evils to come again on horizons of healthy life. It attracts us towards the realities of our evils on all illegal grounds. Analyze today’s world; we can’t say that evils and corruption do not surround our world; everywhere in the world or most countries except some civilized nations, the rape-cases have become a custom of the days. People tell lies in most of their issues, they don’t have hesitations to earn illegal amounts, and in the same pace, they try to corrupt societies with wings of corruptions at many government departments in many countries. We observe atrocities with the killings of innocents. People abuse other people; innocents are gang-raped. In some places, criminals get respect while disrespects are gentle, meaning that impurity is found in many countries on administrative grounds. Now you can imagine that when such crimes raise their heads in human societies, they will not be destroyed by diseases like Corona or covid-19? Although many of the people on the earth have lost their lives. Among such people, innocents also died; the condition like Corona appeals to us to be truthful, honest and sincere in all dealings.

Allah, the Creator of the world, is the most gracious; He shows His Mercy upon His creatures when they return to Him with repentance. A disease like Corona, called Covid-19, calls for a healthy creation on the earth by replacing dirt with virtues. Therefore, we should try our best to please Allah, the Sustainer, the Lord of universes. If we repent for our blunders mentioned above, Allah will certainly forgive us, releasing us from diseases like Covid-19. It is said that the third wave of Corona is about to surround human atmospheres soon in its destructive wings. Still, from the core of my heart, I hope that if you carry your tone with tones of truthfulness, honesty, sincerity, and humility avoiding the evils being observed in our society. Praying to Allah with repentance of your blunders, Allah will not send such a dreadful disease again for your destructions. Protect impeccability of virtuous Nature for your healthy survival.