Killing in the name of Islam is not acceptable: B’desh PM


Killing in the name of Islam is not acceptable: B’desh PM

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Dhaka: Killing in the name of Islam is not acceptable, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, stressing that no one gives authority to anyone to punish or kill another person for not following a particular religion.

“Allah gives us lives, and He has the supreme authority to give lives and take lives, killing is against the Quran,” she said, adding that those who believe in Islam genuinely must have tolerance towards other religions.

“In Bangladesh, all religions have the same rights, people will perform their respective religious rituals, and Allah will judge everyone (on the Doomsday). He does not give that right to any human, all have to remember that,” she said.

Hasina also slammed the businessmen who hike the prices of commodities during Ramadan.

“It’s very much regretful, this is happening just for a few people, why we will accept that? During Ramadan, profit-mongers increase prices, making people suffer. This should not happen.” she said during the inauguration of 50 model mosques along with Islamic cultural centres in parts of the country in the third phase of the programme.

Inaugurating the mosques joining virtually from her official residence Ganabhaban, Hasina said that the holy month of Ramadan is a time for austerity and all have to pay attention to ensure people can do their religious activities properly during the month.

The Prime Minister also urged the affluent people to extend their assistance towards the needy people during Ramadan.

She requested all to remain vigil so that none can adulterate food, resort to hoarding, black marketeering and create an artificial crisis of essential items.

In this connection, she urged Imams to speak about this during their sermons after Friday prayers. “Food adulteration, hoarding, and black marketeering are illegal and unnecessary give sufferings to people. You should speak on these matters more to the people, and you can say during the Khutba to make people aware regarding this,” she said.

PM Hasina inaugurated 100 model mosques in the first and second phases, on June 10, 2021, and January 16, 2023, respectively, out of a total of 564 across the country. The project aims at spreading the true messages of Islam for removing misconceptions about the religion.

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