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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Bangalore on 25,26 and 27 January 2019, for students, teachers and parents at Amina Bi Composite PU College and Noor English High School Illiyas Nagar, Bangalore. It was organised by Empower India Foundation.
Around 200 Students, teachers and parents attended the workshop.

Some of the Participants Share their Experiences:
“¢ Before, I had no humanity (insaniyat) in me, but after attending the workshop, I have got this beautiful gift.
“¢ I stopped fighting with my sisters and brothers. I forgave them, started helping my mother and stopped seeing my mobile phone too much. It is a very brilliant and useful workshop.
“¢ Before the workshop, my life was very confusing. Now I know who am I and what is my purpose of life. I learned that helping others is ibadah for Allah.
“¢ I have controlled my anger, and I have learned a lot.
“¢ I forgave everyone who hurt me, and I am now able to concentrate on my studies. My life changed after the workshop.
“¢ The workshop is brilliant. It changed my life and brought in a lot of improvements. Sir is an excellent coach and I am very lucky to have a coach like him. Thank you for everything, sir.
“¢ Before I was not able to concentrate in my salah. Now, after attending, I learned to concentrate on the salah.
“¢ Before attending the workshop, I was careless and I was not serious about life. After the workshop, I have fully changed. Now, I can read salah with full concentration.
“¢ I learned to live my life with values and achieve goals in my life. It improved my life and I forgave people who hurt me.
SAFIYYA: A life-changing experience for someone who is seeking happiness, health, wealth and success. Dr. Sadath has made it easy for all of us (especially for me) to understand the basic fundamentals of life. This workshop has given me the ability to distinguish between good and evil. Reminded me of Allah again and made my faith strong. I feel good by investing my time in this beneficial workshop. Alhamdulillah!
NASREEN: I experienced inner change. It was really very wonderful to be part of this workshop. This workshop helped me to live a stress-free life. My point of view completely changed. I experienced a lot of positive energy. Thank you so much, sir, for your efforts to create positive energy.
HINA: In my life, this is the first ever eye-opening workshop I have attended. Before the workshop, I did not know the distinction between the mind and the heart. Many new topics which are so basic I came to know now, and I started practising them. I am committed to being a practising Muslim and not a preaching Muslim.
KUBRA: From the past 2-3 years I was taking other people’s opinions to my heart and thought I was nothing in this world (worthless). I had lost confidence, was full of fear, ultimately leading me to the path of depression (self-guilt). Now Alhamdulillah, I can overcome these things by distinguishing that it is their opinion and I am thankful to my parents and Allah (swt) for blessing with abundance.
SUMERA: I was not able to understand what was going on within me. I felt negative, that I could not do anything in life, and life was boring. After attending the workshop, I got back the confidence that I can do things in life and feel the positive energy. My parents are happy to see me with this positive attitude and energy.
SHAZEIN: Before the workshop, I was not doing my homework and was speaking rudely to my family members. After the workshop, I do all the cleaning and household work. I am speaking to people in a respectable and good language. I will give up my ego and all the bad things. Inshallah, this I will follow in my entire life.
ZAIBA: Before the workshop, I used to talk to my sister, brother, mother and father in a bad manner, but after the workshop, I changed and spoke to them in a good manner. My father was very proud that my daughter has totally changed and he was very happy. Thanks for changing my life.g