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American Diary – A Workshop to Discover Your Purpose of Life!

Schedule of Discover Yourself Workshop
Nothing is Everything
Letting Go of Depression in Darbhanga!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Los Angeles, St Louis, Orlando and Miami, USA in June 2014. Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

  •  Life changing, positive and made me know “ME”.
  •  I learnt my true purpose as a being and as a Muslim, I have learnt to leave my past in the past.
  •  It is very useful, helpful and eye opening.
  •  A long overdue training to help overcome obstacles and become a better Muslim.
  •  I feel like I now see the real Islam that Allah has sent for me.
  •  This workshop is a key to success in this life and in the hereafter for anyone and everyone.
  •  It was very visual in description and the explanation was great for me. It was amazing.
  •  It is “‹ a must for everyone specially for the religious teachers.
  •  It forced me to take a look at myself and why I blame my husband, children and what I gain out of it.
  •  It was extremely beneficial, Jazak Allah Khair.
  •  It is a worthwhile experience.
  •  I have discovered Myself.
  •  Enlightening workshop, makes us see what is stopping us from achieving our goals.
  •  It helped to motivate me and live a peaceful life.
  •  I am leaving this workshop with enlightenment and answers to “‹al my doubts and concerns.
  •  Now I see Islam as a way of life making me a good Muslimah to myself, my family and community.
  •  I have learned to distinguish the difference between good and evil.
  •  I learnt that internal is ‘Me’ and external is everything else.
  •  It helped me to analyze the situations more clearly and see a lot of mistakes that I took for granted.
  •  It was a way to see the truth and falsehood.
  •  Excellent workshop to help us to deal with issues on a daily basis.
  •  My life changed a lot from my life style, I had before to now, its mind blowing and interesting.
  •  It is like liberating you from your emotions, and strengthening your Iman.
  •  I was looking for a paradigm shift “‹and the workshop has created a timely change in my life.
  •  Wonderful, I did discover myself and it transformed my life.
  •  It has helped me to forgive myself and forgive others on my journey of spirituality to gain more wisdom and faith.

JOSEFINA: Islam is a way of life. All the things that were pointed out in the workshop, was how to live an Islamic life and doing the right things in this world for success.
FATIMAH: The workshop was excellent. Thanks to Allah and to everyone who organized this workshop. I learnt to deal with my fellow humans. This workshop took place at the right time, just before Ramadan.
ARIG: Jazakallah Khair Brother Khan. I benefited immensely from this workshop and feel like I truly understand what has been transpiring in my life. Inshallah, now that I understand, I can better deal with it and move forward. I realized now that our true purpose is greater than any goals we may have for ourselves or any interpretation or limitations that we may have convinced ourselves of (or that satanmay have tried to deceive us with). I think the resentment towards my husband was really the unfinished business of hating, being in a place I did not want to be …which has been a common theme throughout my life, and feeling that I have no control over this even until today, is still frustrating yet humbling. God puts us where He wants us and we must submit to His will. Hopefully this understanding is what will allow me to heal and move on with a sense of gratitude. (After all, at 13, I thought I was returning to Egypt for good and here I am in Florida receiving the opportunity to meet you and learn these life and after-life changing lessons!). Thank you again so much for sharing your knowledge, your insights and your time. May God bless you! I look forward to keeping in touch.
RABIA: Before the workshop I was confused, trapped, in denial and in blame state”¦blaming others and myself. Now I have learnt to identify each label and need to implement it, forgive and move forward in a positive manner with Allah in my heart and accept my decisions as a learning experience whether it was a right or wrong decision.
SARAH: I was lost and going through the motions, taking with me my past experiences and living my life through the past and holding resentments and hurt in my heart. I had lost the true spirit or rather did not even know I had a spirit in me, everything was my mind. My mind conquered my soul and my own being. I was living my life with my ego! I have truly discovered myself, Alhamdulillah!
NABILA: I have learned to have a positive attitude towards life. Accept what life brings and learnt submission. I also learned not to judge others and forgive people who have harmed me.
ELHAMOULY: This workshop came at a perfect time as I was going through a difficult time of figuring out the purpose of my life and why I have been so unhappy despite having many blessings. This workshop helped me to understand the true nature of my existence and how my mind had been playing tricks on me. I was always very hard on myself and I just now realized that this was actually satan deceiving me and keeping me ungrateful and judgmental. I can now move on with confidence and am able to understand the way my mind and heart actually work, so that I can have greater control of my submission.
NASEEM: I used to run after people seeking their forgiveness and running after others for love. I need to love Allah and start living the life He wants me to live. Islam is so clear, pure and simple.
ABIMBULA: I am now more aware of the double dialogue, I have within myself pulling me, towards good or evil. I am also more aware that I have the power to control my Ego and move from ‘Batil’ to ‘Haq’.
HINA: I am an emotional person who takes everything in, and I also have problems when I have a disagreement with someone. After the workshop, I felt that I have the power to deal with the problems and the situations which I am in now. I am very happy to be a part of this workshop.