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“For Those Lost in Life! The Workshop is the Leading Light!

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Coming out of Hell to Heaven!
Spiritual Upliftment in Melbourne and Sydney!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Mangalore on November 1, 2 and 3, 2013, at the Talent Research Foundation. It was organized by Dar- al- Iman Trust for Women’s Education.  Around 100 participants, including men and women got new insights about their lives through the Workshop.

  • The workshop shows a practical way from Batil to Huqq.
  • Amazing workshop to discover oneself.
  • After the workshop I gave up my ego.
  • It is development of personality, coupled with Islamic Principles.
  • It helped me to realize my purpose of life.
  • It programmed me to focus on my inner self.
  • Superb and excellent because this type of workshop is very rare.
  • Learnt how to face the problems, how to behave with children and spouse.
  • It was very good and beneficial to improve ourselves.
  • The workshop is very simple, precise and understandable.
  • This workshop is exclusively meant for those who are lost in life.
  • Worth each penny and each minute!

Some of the participants share their experiences about the Workshop.
SAFA: When I came to the workshop, I was just a being, living for the sake of living. I was a Muslim who practised Islam with all pride, yet there was no inner peace. I excelled in academics and other activities, and  I felt on top of the world and cared less for relationships. After the very first day of the workshop, I could see a great change around me. And when I self introspected, I realized that the world around me was just the same, but my views had changed. My goals were transformed and I realized, it was not about developing ‘MIND and BODY’ but it was about developing ‘Allah’s Spirit’ inside me. I learnt to treat people around me like humans. The workshop programmed me to develop Allah’s attributes. When I looked beyond my veils, my parents looked so beautiful to me. May Allah reward Sadathullah Khan and his family in this world and in the Akhirah, Ameen!
UMAR: Before the workshop, I was lost. My Iman was decreasing day by day. Felt I needed a reminder, at that time, I came across the workshop pamphlet. I did not feel like attending, but there was an instinctive feeling that I should attend this workshop. Even when the workshop started, I did not think of sitting for three days. But Alhamdulillah, this was enlightening. It refreshed me again and brought confidence in me that I can achieve my goals. The way of presentation was amazing with practical demonstrations.
AFSAR:  This workshop is a turning point in my life to transform. I realized what changes I should make. I just learnt  how to lead a blissful, contented and spiritual human life.
FOUZIA: I was a loser, depressed, and always thinking of my bad past. I was a negative person. Alhamdulillah now, I feel contented, happy. Your techniques and coaching have changed me to be a positive and a better person.
SYED: Before the workshop, I was short tempered and now I can control it. It opened my eyes and changed my view. This workshop is excellent. It helped me to distinguish between submission and denial, “huqq” and “batil”.
SIRAJ: This workshop was very impressive and convincing. I got some new ideas to lead my life. I was living my life in my own world along with little bit of Allah’s world, but now I live in Allah’s world as Allah’s world is success. With whomever I shared the workshop, everybody has given a very nice opinion.
FARHAT: Before the workshop, I was wearing many colored glasses. When I removed it and saw, everyone looked different to me. Everyone seemed to be a human being now. The workshop was wonderful, interesting and a motivating one. I think such workshops must be conducted for teenaged girls, who are confused with this modern society and Islamic teachings, and it must reach the young generation as they are becoming slaves of their nafs.
SHAMA: Indeed, this workshop has helped me to find out, who I truly am Alhamdulillah! I have found the tool to empower myself and connect myself to my heart. Inshallah, I shall share this empowering experience with my family and friends.
KAZIA: I used to view each and everyone as objects and so, I was in turn treated by many as an object. It is only after the workshop that I realized that only if “I” view others as ‘Humans’ , people will treat me as human. When I spoke,  I used to be judgmental, but now I realized the blunder.
NOOR: I was really blind before attending the workshop. I was not listening to my father. I was often confused and was in dilemma. I was thinking of the past only. Now I am not blind, I am relaxed, now I can take decisions. I am the happiest person and also came to know the value of my life. I am really thankful to Allah.
SHAZIA: An eye opener. As I stepped into a new life. I just got married three months ago, Alhamdulillah and I did not know so many things about married life. I was just focused on my medical studies. I just felt that I was a mere doctor. But now I know I have lot of other responsibilities as well.