Bringing Positive Sparks into Our Lives!!!! Through Discover Yourself Workshop!

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Bringing Positive Sparks into Our Lives!!!! Through Discover Yourself Workshop!

An Awesome Workshop for Today’s Generation

Discover Yourself Workshop was held on the 20, 21 & 22 June 2023 at the Telangana Mahila Viswavidyalayam, formerly Osmania University College for Women in Hyderabad.

Some of the Participants share their Experiences:
• I was afraid of failure, and anxiety, and after this workshop I overcame it. Very interesting.
• At least once in a lifetime, I would suggest everyone should attend this workshop for the reality check.
• It helped me to know myself and get rid of my anxiety and phobia. Makes a person a human being.
• If I had not attended this workshop, I would have felt that only praying and fasting would get me into Jannah. My life was blank with nothing interesting in it. This workshop brought a spark to it.
• Opening of the third eye. Connecting between mind and heart, external and internal was excellent.
• Before the workshop my life was black and now it is colorful. I am very happy, and I can express my feelings now.
• I am not getting depressed. I am accepting reality as it is.
• Life changing. I am clear with reality, and I am at peace.
• Seeing everyone as equal and the very fact that everyone is created by one and the same God, gave clarity on how my approach towards people and my goal should be.

PRIYANKA: I found a new perspective on life and I am feeling positive after the workshop. I am willing to give up negative thinking and live in the present. I want to create awareness about humanity and spirituality among friends and family. Overall, it was a good learning experience.

KALYANI: This workshop everyone must attend. It helped me to live a stress-free life. Before the workshop, I was depressed but last night I talked to my mother, and she said for the first time you are talking with joy and happiness about what happened then I replied I have changed. Accept the truth and surrender to God.

DARMAJI: The workshop helped me to remove my anxiety and fear. Before the workshop, I used to judge people and now I have stopped judging and started treating everyone equally. Before I was always thinking of my past and future but now, I live in reality and enjoy the present moment. I will give up my ego and be my word.

SHIVANI: It was very interactive. I was able to overcome stage fear and now I can manage and control my mind. I will respect others’ opinions and take it in a positive way.

VIJAYALAXMI: The workshop was very interesting and inspiring. Before the workshop every minute I was only thinking of my past and suffered a lot. Now, I have literally removed the past and I am only thinking of my present and future. Thank You.

KHANUM A: Before the workshop, my life was a mess. I revolved around one question only i.e., why? why? Why? But now I take every situation as it was, as it is, it will be what it must be. It changed my perspective on life. I improved my relationship. I will not take negative comments as negative but only as other people’s views.

AMINA: Excellent and valuable. Before the workshop, I had lots of fear, many questions, and misunderstandings in my mind. But after attending the workshop I got the answers to all my questions which were in my mind and my thinking and feelings have changed. I want to enjoy every moment of my life.

MANIHA: It was really impactful, and his words compelled me to change. I got a new way of viewing life. Before I felt lonely because I refused to accept myself and my surroundings the way they were. Accepting the reality of my household atmosphere being toxic and trying to find ways to change that has been way more helpful than playing the blame game. Change in personality starts with small steps and I am thankful I am stepping in the right direction.