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Discovering the Difference between Truth and Falsehood!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was hosted by the Indian Welfare Association in Bahrain and in Osmanabad by the Awareness Group in May 2015. Some of the Participants share their experiences after the Workshop.


  • I forgot the past. In Salah, I felt pure. I forgave everybody. May Allah give you the highest reward which you cannot imagine, because you are the one who opened my eyes.
  • It was a soul purifying workshop.
  • It is one of the best workshop I have ever been to in my life. I love the way you explain. It changed my life.
  • I could say that I changed my life from falsehood to Reality.
  • On the very first day of the workshop, I almost left all my anger. Kids were very happy that I am not irritating to them anymore.
  • After the workshop, I saw an unexpectable change in my parents, brother and my friends who came to the workshop. It was a mind-opener.
  • It helped me in understanding and to distinguish between “I” and “Myself” , ‘Huq’ and ‘Batil’.
  • I am happy that Allah gave me a chance to change myself. I came to know my faults and where I was wrong. It was a very good experience and felt good.
  • I really came out of all the worries I had within me. Before the workshop, I had some burden on my mind but after attending it, I got solutions to all the problems I had.
  • It is like the latest version of Islamic Tasawwuf for Tazkiya e Nafs.
  • Before the workshop, my vision was not clear, now I am able to differentiate what is ‘Huq’ and ‘Batil’.
  • This workshop was very useful, informative and life changing. It changed my life and now I am very happy.
  • Generally this type of methodology to connect to Allah is rarely found.
  • A very good initiative to educate Muslims, which is very much needed today.
  • The best compliment of life.

HAHKEELA: Honestly I do not have words to express. Let me thank my “Rubb” who granted me this wonderful opportunity to attend this wonderful and amazing “workshop”. I also thank the organizers, who put their efforts to organize this workshop. I really enjoyed this workshop in my busy schedule. It changed my view of life, to see, treat everyone as human beings.
SHAHZAD: Before the workshop, I used to be angry and upset about many things. I had not forgiven some people. It was a burdened and boring life. Always I thought I cannot do anything on my own and I never felt responsible about anything. After the workshop I am in control of myself and calm and have confidence to achieve whatever I want to do for myself. I have to take everything in a positive way. I found ways to find peace within myself.
RIZWANA: Earlier, my life was totally negative, I used to be always in anger with no peace in mind. I am in peace and my heart is relaxed. Everything I do in a relaxed way. Now I am very happy.
JASIMIN: I have learnt many things in this workshop. Especially the two “I” the true me and the false me (ego) and how to get rid of my evil “I”. A very drastic change I found in my son and husband. My husband willingly forgave him and my son said , “I did not have any grudges towards my father”.
TONSE: I have attended several workshops in Europe, but this presentation was entirely different and also the subject matter is very dear to me. The method and presentation is convincing. I started to realise the reality and my communication with my relatives and friends changed. I recognised the difference between Huq (truth) and Batil (false) . No more seeing other people with coloured glasses, Now, I love my relatives and friends. I have no more questions or doubts on Huq and Batil. I feel I am a changed man forever.
SAJJAD: Alhamdulillah! It has been a new wonderful experience. Being short tempered and self-egoistic, life was harsh to some of my close ones in particular and on others in general. Here at the workshop, I am able to control my anger which is giving me a sense of relief and satisfaction. Personal interaction is getting much easier as I am able to do away with shyness that is helping me getting close with my near ones.
RASHED: This type of workshops give energy to play the game of life. It is very useful and I learnt many practical things about day to day life. I realized who I am? And what is my purpose? I am feeling very positive about life. I came out of the circle of nervousness. I am first grateful to Almighty Allah and then to you sir for giving us the light to see our real life.
SAMINA: Now I understood what life is. I feel responsible, accountable and grateful. I was reluctant to come to the workshop but my husband convinced me. I asked him whether it is so interesting to attend for the second time as he had attended it earlier. He said ‘Absolutely you come and see it for yourself’. He was absolutely right and I thank Allah for making me attend it. All my confusions were cleared, and now I know who I am and also learnt a lot on the relationships between husband and wife which was so nicely explained.
IKRAM: Really it is a wonderful workshop. Already I have attended the workshop previously, but I needed to recharge it and review this workshop. Before the workshop my life was very stressful, but now I am feeling good and very peaceful. The third day morning session was very good.
RAZVI: I was not having any idea about the workshop. My wife forced me to attend the workshop. Before the workshop my mind was upset and was filled up with many problems. The workshop helped me to clear and know who I am? And to distinguish between ‘truth’ and ‘falsehood’.