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Coming Out of Darkness to Light

Detoxifying the Heart! Connecting to Reality!
A Modern Form of ‘Khanqah’

The “Discover Yourself ” Workshop was held in Pretoria, Lenasia
and Durban (South Africa) in September 2013. Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

*I learnt how to submit.
*It opened my eyes and took me back to the basics of Islam and Quran.
*I regard myself as a very lucky individual because now my search is over, I found Amina (my true self)
*This workshop beats any psychiatrist, as it reaches the core of the issues.
*Excellent, wish more people would attend.
*Excellent, made me understand myself.
*I was living in the denial world. Now I am able to change myself to see the truth.
*Absolutely interesting, very motivational and a real eye opener to truth.
*It is a must to attend for everyone. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.
*Alhamdulillah, What I was searching for, I got it.
*Every time I attend, I learn something new, how to deal with the basics and succeed in life.
*The best I have ever attended.
*This workshop opens your mind, ears, eyes and views.
*I have become a much calmer person.
*We must have it often, please go all over the cities and towns.
*Thank you for talking about the second wife, we needed to be educated in this area.
*Profound and soul searching.
*It helped me realise my purpose of life.
*It helped me to accept the truth and change my perception.
*Encouraged me to look at life realistically, and take things as they are.
*I discovered myself and learnt to let go of all the extra baggage.
*Dynamic and dhamakedaar.
*I have found the answers that I was searching.
*I should have discovered this earlier.
*It was most enjoyable and refreshing. Kept my interest, captivating.
*This must be the part of the Islamic School curriculum.
*Brilliant presentation from the Islamic perspective.
*Mr Khan conducts the workshop using reality and humour.
*It changed my perspective of how I look at myself, life and people around me.
*The workshop is easy to understand and put into practice.
*It helped me realise my mistakes and misconceptions of my life and the people around me.
*I came out of darkness to light.
*This workshop will be helpful to scholars and students.
*I understood that we are controlled by our ego.
*The Workshop made me to see the ‘Light’ and see my faults within me.

HAZAD: I came in, seeking peace and contentment and wanted to know how to suppress my ego and the satanic forces within me. I had read and contemplated on how our beloved Prophet (Pbuh) converted his (evil) Satan into Muslim (good), i.e. taken control of it, and I wanted to know how to accomplish this. Shukran, I have got the insights in this workshop and pray to Allah to guide me and assist me in overpowering my evil ego and prosper.
AAMINA: I wanted to get a divorce in the first year of my marriage. Thanks, I changed and I am married for five years now. Shukur Allah, may Allah reward you.
HAFSA: I think I was merely existing and awaiting my dying day. I ended up enjoying my dark hole. It became my place of solace. But now my story has changed. All thanks to you Mr. Khan, from the deepest of my deepest corner of my heart, I thank you. I think I owe you my life.
HAFSA: I was unhappy, confused and the workshop made me aware of my surroundings and that everyone are human beings and therefore I should treat them with respect. My feelings led me from sadness to happiness. My husband’s first comment was, when I entered the house, seeing my face and my reaction, ‘This money was well spent’. I gave my son and husband a hug and a kiss. I wanted peace, love and happiness so that I can spread it to all around me.
FOUZIA: My greatest experience is that I have never ever looked at the Quran as I do now. Before the workshop, I felt that I was forced to read some book that I did not understand. Now I will open the Quran with joy and love knowing that all my answers are there. There is a great shift in me.
KULSUM: This workshop was really beneficial to me as it made my goal and vision clear as to what my purpose is in this life. And everything that happens, we are responsible for ourselves and no one is to be blamed for our actions.
NAYAMEKA SATSA: I personally looked at life as difficult, at some point I wanted to give up. But after the workshop I have learned that I have to submit myself to what is- ‘Reality’. I am now more encouraged to face life and make peace and take responsibility for my choices. Live in the world of possibilities and the world of goodness.
SHENAZ: I was amazed at the perceptions that people around me had, I am grateful, it opened my eyes. Now I will reflect, change my perception and view everyone as people and not as objects. It was after many years that I actually looked into my husband’s eyes and told him what he means to me. Mr Khan can ‘read and analyse’ a person. He is able to get to the root of the problem. The workshop was very beneficial and spiritually uplifting.
FATIMA: Before the workshop, I had questions that were not answered. I was confused, feeling like Allah is angry with me. Why am I being tested like this? Does it ever end? After the workshop, I realised that I have been carrying baggage without even knowing it. I was totally unaware that I am the cause of my own destruction. The quotes from the Quran used in the workshops, left me speechless. The deeper explanations and understanding now allows me to act upon them.
RABIA: Before the workshop I felt a sense of innate anger. I have just came out of iddah and the feelings of sadness, hate, anger, questions, what flooded my mind. I feel, coming here was Allah’s way of answering so many unanswered questions. I now leave with a bigger more open sense of accepting and walking away with much stronger footsteps. Jazakallah, for giving me the reason to carry on again.
RUSHDA: Before the workshop, I was blind and now I can see clearly what my faults are and where I am going wrong. My family sees a difference during these three days because I have stopped complaining and blaming and started realising- ‘REALITY’. I would like Mr. Khan to come back to South Africa quite often for more workshops which must be well advertised.
MAKRA: My life was, crowded and falling. My family, sharing their experiences of who I am, was shocking. My whole view has changed and I see things differently. I am more relaxed.
DINDAR: I was very judgmental of people and situations. I was always looking for the bad and evil in others without doubting myself. Now I have the ability to look within myself for errors and improve.