I Got the Distinction between Admi aur Insan

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I Got the Distinction between Admi aur Insan

One of the Best Three Days of My Life
Schedule of Discover Yourself Workshop
Bringing Positive Sparks into Our Lives!!!! Through Discover Yourself Workshop!

Discover Yourself Workshop was Organized by Sirri Saqti Foundation in Kolkata On Sept 30, 1, & 2nd Oct 2023, And By Al Ameen Mission, Khalatpur On The 5, 6& 7th October 2023.

 RENUKA BHATTACHARYA: It was an overwhelming learning experience from an eminent scholar like Sadath Khan. The workshop was a soul-searching experience and will help me find the true value within myself. The workshop could create an immense impact on my psyche. I could understand the effects of mind and heart which to my understanding were personal reasoning and emotional thinking. The heart connects us to reality, i.e., to the Almighty. I have also learned to treat every human being as equal and to inculcate soft skills among children. The acceptance and denial factors were also clearly explained by Dr. Khan. The workshop was excellently depicted with appropriate life experiences. Would like to join similar kinds of workshops in the future.

MOIN: Alhamdulillah, the way I used to look at things totally changed after the workshop. My relationship with my wife has changed and peace and love have been achieved through this workshop. Every Muslim school teacher should attend this workshop. I find myself, peace, and harmony within myself.

YASMEEN: Before this workshop, I had a life full of negativity, but after attending this workshop I have a deep realization of a different perspective on life and how to get rid of my own sufferings. I have instilled positive energy into myself, and Insha Allah I will retain this in the future.

ALIZAH: MY life was like an animal, studying, eating, and sleeping. After attending the workshop I have learned to live a life as a Momin, as a proper ‘Human being’. It gave us the proper concept of the difference between Allah and Shaytan.

SHAMIMA: Yes, my relationship with my children has improved. I used to judge my children and force them to do things according to my way. But now, I am willing to accept them as they are. I loved them before and now I love them with however they are. Also, now I will not fight with my husband on silly matters. I want to enjoy my time with my children and husband. Amazing.

SOFIA: I was learning but I found myself not implementing that learning in my life. I was only learning and not living but this workshop helped me in understanding that living is more important than knowledge. It was a life-changing experience. I found it very useful because sir’s words have impacted me so positively. I thank him for his guidance.

HAMEDA: My first workshop with sir was in 2017 and at that time I was stuck in my life with some relationship problems. The first time, I was not able to practice what I learned, thus had no benefit. I started practicing each and everything after attending for the second time. Slowly the changes were visible to other people, and I experienced peace inside.

ABDUR RAHMAN: Before the workshop, I was not able to draw a line between ‘Haqq and Batil’ and to choose something willingly to live a happy and satisfied life. My parents had already attended this workshop last year, my mother has attended this year and my father was not able to attend this year. I came here because I wanted to see what made my parents to be so ‘moved’ by this workshop. By attending this workshop was only possible because of the taufiq that Allah gave me to meet and attend Sadath Sir ‘s workshop. First, I needed this workshop.

MOHANA: I was searching for a true path of life through salah, bookish knowledge, through Sufi master Rumi and all that, what was, I did understand but I did not get the answer yet. This workshop gave that key.
Jazakallah khair.

The Participants Share Their Experiences:
• Before the workshop I was a pious Muslim and compassionate woman. But I was not happy. Alhamdulillah Khan sab changed me. Now, I feel more connected to Allah and submit to His decisions for me.
• Dilmai jo dart ha dar khatam ho gaya.
• I never knew that the heart could choose. I forgave such a person whom I was holding for the last 38 years.
• I had very much anger before the workshop, and I have learned here to control my anger and be calm.
• This workshop has transformed my perspective the life. I am giving up my past and my spouse’s actions that he did to me. Now, I have set myself free for the sake of Allah.
• My life before the workshop was disciplined and filled with judgments. After DYS I realized that I need to stop judging others and how to accept harsh realities. It has changed my life. And has made a huge difference in my life.
• Before the workshop I was unwilling to accept the reality. Now, I understand to avoid suffering I must bring in willingness while making choices. It is a great experience.
• It’s very very useful, amazing, and very interesting. This workshop connected me to Allah genuinely.
• This workshop made me a human being from ‘ Admi to Insan’.
• It helped me reflect internally and helped me resolve a lot of things by myself that I kept blaming others for. Everyone must attend.
• I was in the dark and in confusion, this workshop helped me to realize and live life smoothly and happily. We forgot our responsibility, so this workshop helped me to connect to Allah. Very inspiring.
• I got clarity, and direction and came closer to Allah! It’s like rearranging of brain wire’s inflow of light and eternity. A must for every human to understand, behave, and act. I think I should have done this workshop a few years back.
• When the coach shows the light darkness becomes sunshine. This workshop enlightened me and helped me to transform myself.
• Before the workshop I always found faults with others. I thought everybody was wrong and I was right and always focused on myself. After the workshop, I will be responsible and grateful to my family.
• I got the direction and the way of life. I learned from the workshop to enjoy life and the real purpose of my life.
• Before I came to this workshop my brain was full of questions. But after this workshop, I cleaned all the dirt from my mind and am now in a state of submission.
• I am very free, and my experience is that these three days are the most valuable days in my life. My heart changed in this workshop.
• Before coming to the workshop, my mind was full of questions about materialistic things like fame, money, over thinking, and was demotivated. After attending I feel myself free and surrender to Allah’s hand completely.