Harmony of Hearts in Hyderabad! – Changing From a Human Being to Being Human!

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Harmony of Hearts in Hyderabad! – Changing From a Human Being to Being Human!

Weaving Positive Energy and Positive Thoughts!
Sarah Fathima
Do not use the Quran, but live it

The Discover Yourself workshop was held in Hyderabad on 19th -21 August 2022

Some of the Participants share their Experiences.
• It is a true life-changing workshop. I could find changes in my life.
• This workshop is very interesting and very funny. I was very excited when I came to this workshop. My family members said I am better than before.
• It helped me to control my mind and use my heart.
• I changed from becoming a human being to Being human.
• Before my life was not at peace and now after attending I am at peace.
• It was useful because it removed the barrier between me and the truth.
• Before I attended this workshop I was very angry and sad. But after this workshop, my anger has come down and I am living a very happy life.
• It helped me overcome stress and anxiety.
• The only thing I can share is I used to understand Quran, now I am experiencing Quran. May your message reach every corner of the world.
• Excellent workshop to know who you are and how to connect to Allah. After the workshop, I got to know how to concentrate, follow the heart and live in the present.
• Before the workshop I was a Shaitan and I still am, but now I have the key to unlock my “LOCKED” fithrah.
• Before the workshop, I was disturbed and after the workshop I got peace and I experience that. Life is simple but we make it miserable.
• After attending this workshop I became straightforward and confident. I start praying all five times prayers.
• What I should do to please Allah? I got the answer. Many changes have occurred in me.

ZUHAIR: Before the workshop, it was all about me (I-Mai), now I try to focus on others who are impacting my daily life. My family members are delighted by the changes occurring in me.

FURQAN: I used to shout at small things. After I attended this workshop I got the solutions to all my problems. My relatives, family, and friends are so impressed with me. Jazakallah Khair for this.

SAYEDA: Amazing journey of three days. A path for a successful life here and hereafter. I was short-tempered, judging people easily, thought to be alone, and mostly negative thoughts were on my mind. But after attending the workshop I feel at peace and my mind is empty and I am clear about everything.

SUMAYYA: Before I used to think that life is all about suffering, and sorrows, we must just need to experience it all and still be silent and should not respond. I got to know Alhamdulillah that life can be enjoyed and people can be changed. I got how to deal with these types of people and situations. I thank Allah for this gift and I also thank sir too for these wonderful lessons which are priceless.

ARIFA: Family members are saying that the transformation is visible as I came out of the imaginary world to the present happening real world. Now Allah(swt) is sufficient for me. I express my gratitude to the organizers.

NEHA: Before I was lazy and short-tempered. After attending I started doing everything on my own. I used to see my younger siblings and maid in the wrong way and now my view has changed. I started respecting others and becoming responsible.

SAYYAD: I am so happy, attending this workshop leaving all the worries just believing in Allah. Sadath sir taught me a simple way of life ‘ISLAM’. I started submitting and all my worries and problems faded away. Submitting to Allah’s will changed my life. I recommend that everyone should attend at least once in their lifetime.

SUMAIRA: It was a very unique experience. The most obvious change that both I and my family have observed is that I have been thinking twice, earlier I used to instantly react. I have learned new insights about life and this world.

HUSNA: I used to judge people or got negative thoughts or feel upset about what people will think or say but now I got the clarity and how to deal with such things. Connecting to the heart makes us feel at peace.