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Learning to Accept the Reality in Ranchi! The Discover Yourself Way!

Letting Go of Depression in Darbhanga!
Transforming Within in Kolkata!

Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Ranchi, on 11,12 & 13 March 2023 @ Hotel Sunrise Inn, it wasorganized By Allay Foundation, Kolkata.

Some of the Participants Share Their Experiences:
• At the age of 65 I learned so many things and the changes I feel in myself are the depth and hidden quality inside me that got enlightened after attending this workshop. It was beyond expectations.
• This workshop helped me to see the real me. I can change my internal condition of myself and not others.
• This workshop was great. The way our coach guides us and explains every single topic in a friendly manner is too good. Alhamdulillah, I learned a lot of things.
• Before the workshop I was very confused but after the workshop, all confusioniscleared, and my family members are very happy.
• Before the workshop I was in a state of unwillingness and now I am in a state of willingness to accept reality. I am at peace.
• Everyone has the knowledge and so had I, but I recognized and discovered myself after three days of the workshop.
• Before this workshop. I only listened to my mind and now I listen to my heart and deal with the situations from my heart.
• This workshop connects you to Allah and disconnects you from Evil.
• Before the workshop I was not able to distinguish between Haq and Batil andalso there is evil in us.
• My Previous life was in denial mode and now, I have learned to accept reality, and find solutions to problems.
• The moment the coach said you are the follower of Satan (mind) it hit me. The workshop was very satisfactory, and life-changing, his sense of humor is awesome and loved the way he interacted.

MD TALHA NADWI: I have learned new and practical techniques. Your technique is useful and fruitful 80%. The workshop was fully practical, and I was practicing for a long time with some mistakes I was feeling. The techniques I got here I will try to apply my best. I want to train myself like you InshaAllah.

MAHMUD ALAM: It should be done everywhere irrespective of caste or religion. The workshop provided me the insights into introspection, which is the first step for development (Self). Some techniques I have learned for detoxification of thoughts, If I could succeed in implementing these techniques then Inshallah, I will have the journey towards QALB -E SALEEM.

NAZIA: I really discovered myself. Alhamdulillah! The benefits are beyond expectations. The most valuable three days of my life would have been missed. Before I didn’t value time (my word) but these three days have taught me the importance tokeep my word and be on time. I have stopped getting angry and my husband is the happiest one.

AFREEN: Before the workshop, I was always focused on others’ faults and blamed others for my reactions. But now Alhamdulillah! I realized that I must change my internal condition. I could change myself and submit to reality and then only I will be at peace. From today I will be my word.

DR AJAZ: I was following some of the ways as per the Quran. There were many shortcomings present in me which I realized but could not find techniques to overcome them. Alhamdulillah, I got some ways and techniques, but I need further training to understand and discover myself.

LUBNA: My life was totally based on the external world where I used to think and do only what my mind said but now, I know to take the decision from the heart. I will submit to Allah and so whatever makes me close to Allah, Inshallah! Very valuable! Three days to change yourself for a lifetime.

TALHA: I am a changed person now. I will accept and submit to reality and will live in the ‘NOW’ present. To forgive someone was very difficult for me. Similarly, the apology was the toughest act for me but honestly, on the 2nd day of the workshop, I forgave many and apologized to four people. Now I am free from the burden. Jazakallah to you!

SHAHIN: Before the workshop, I knew that I had some issues with myself and I continually asked Allah, please guide me with my issues because I am a religious person. I knew that I must do something from the inside, but I did not know how to fight this, through this workshop, I finally won over my issues. Now, I can say that I connected with Allah (swt). I am happy and at peace.