Letting Go of Depression in Darbhanga!

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Letting Go of Depression in Darbhanga!

The Three Golden Days of My Life! Discover Yourself Workshop … The Real Gold Medal I Gained!
What We Came Here For

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held on the 25-27 December 2022 at Dr. Zakir Hussain T.T College, Benta, Darbhanga, Bihar. It was organized by the Social Empowerment Trust.

Some of the Participants share their Experiences:
• This workshop opened all the doors of my heart. It taught me to listen to my heart instead of my mind. It is Awesome!!!
• This workshop is needed for the spiritual development for the present youth.
• Everyone must attend this workshop and it is best to change oneself.
• It increased my understanding and it is mind-blowing.
• I got back my confidence, and I am in a state of calmness. Best workshop for self-improvement.
• This workshop changed my reality of life.
• The workshop helped me to come close to Almighty Allah.
• I forgave everyone from my inner self and became free.
• The workshop is amazing. I am feeling that I have missed many things in my life. Life is so beautiful.
• This workshop has changed my life. I am now energetic and experiencing peace.
• This workshop is a must because many are in depression and living in the past.
• The teaching techniques and presentation are excellent.
• Before the workshop, I used to listen to my mind but now I am listening to my heart.
• The workshop helped me to live in the present and remove the burden of the past.
• I have started seeing life differently, stopped reacting to everything, and speaking less.
• Something happened in my mind and I am feeling peaceful and good. Family members are also impressed seeing my changes.
• Before the workshop, I was facing many problems but after the workshop, my life changed, I am feeling very happy, and my father is very happy seeing the changes in me.
• I am a very emotional person, but those 3 days hit me really well and I have understood that life goes on whatever happens. We can live life without the burden of the past and life can really be good and interesting.
• Now, I have come to the stage of my life where believing in God and living according to His will is a more important part of my life.

Khushnuma: My life was in total confusion before attending this workshop. I could not understand what is right and what is wrong, which way I must take, who am I, and what I am doing. I did not know anything. After attending This workshop, I came to know what is right and wrong, I got the knowledge of who am I and why I am here. I thank sir, to become the medium to connect to reality.

Farhana: Before the workshop, I was very confused, but now, I have full energy. This workshop is very useful and satisfactory. I shared my feelings with my family and friends, and I am having a peaceful life.

Inamul Hoda: Before the workshop, I was seeing the world and people around me by my own created framework (opinions), now after attending the workshop, I see and observe from a universal framework of humanity. Before anything negative happens, I used to blame others, but now I take responsibility and find solutions to problems.

Mahafooz Alam: Before the workshop, I had too much anger and damaged myself internally. I always used to blame Allah for anything happening wrong to me. I never thanked Allah for whatever I had in my life. After the workshop, my life shifted to the path of Allah. I accepted that I was wrong in many ways to judge people. I never forgave others and was always in depression and missing being happy with my family. I will implement the teachings of the workshop and create a new happy life. This workshop is life-changing.

Nurullah: All my family members who attended the workshop were very excited and it has brought positive changes inside us. We have got a new perspective to look into our lives and treat others as human beings.

Samsul Hida: This workshop made a huge difference in my life. I got the distinction between mind and heart. Now, I do not react but calm down and respond. This workshop must be held so that many people benefit from this learning.

Hai: Before the workshop, I was sorrowful and low. I used to think always negatively and was worried about the future, can I be successful or not, and having regrets about the past. Now, I got the confidence to let go of the past and create my future. I am now at peace with myself. I really benefitted from the workshop and my life was altered.