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Our Ego is Our Own Enemy

The Workshop is Oxygen for Life!
How to Motivate Ourselves

The ‘Discover Yourself’ workshop was hosted by the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI), Durban and Madina Institute, Cape Town, in September 2014.
Some of the participants share their experiences about the workshop8 I wish every person would attend this workshop, especially my family.



  • We should have been taught this way of thinking a very long time ago.
  • This workshop is mind blowing, it changed my life.
  • It is amazing; I discovered how to change my life.
  • It puts everyday life in a clearer light. Helped me see things from a different perspective.
  • Excellent, it happened at the right time. This course should be a must for everyone.
  • It was interesting, fun and educating. It made me distinguish between truth and falsehood and to stop being judgmental.
  • I see my husband minus glasses.
  • Very useful, relevant and simple practical steps on getting connected to your Creator.
  • I wish I had attended this workshop some 20-30 years ago; I weep for all the time I lost in ignorance.
  • I found the workshop brilliant, extremely useful. It empowered me to have control over all situations.
  • It helped me to release all my past baggage.
  • Alhamdulillah-A very beneficial life changing workshop, I have benefitted especially in learning how to switch my waswas (whisperer, inner critic) off.
  • It is methodical, logical and an accessible way to understand the ‘True self’.
  • Before I was very judgmental and after the workshop I look at others as human beings.
  • It has opened the way to be able to find my ‘True Self’ that Allah has created.
  • Before I was on war and after the workshop I am in peace.
  • Life changing -forced me to face my reality.
  • Mind blowing- a heart purifying experience.
  • I have learnt that my ‘EGO’ is my own enemy.
  • It brought me back from darkness to light (truth).

FARHA: From today I have made you my mentor. Your workshop has made a big difference in my life and the lives of those I love and care for. You are definitely an answer to my prayers. I had knowledge but the way you presented it made all the difference. They say everything happens for a reason and Allah (swt) timing is perfect. Jazakallah Khair. Words cannot express how I felt after this weekend. It’s like I am alive again. I can ONLY see light even in the darkest of situations. I have read the Quran on numerous occasions in English, but this weekend was an eye opener. I am currently facing another challenge and I see Hope and light in the situation. I am grateful; Allah (swt) has given me this opportunity of meeting you. I feel blessed knowing you. You said if you touch one person’s life this weekend, you have achieved something. From the way people responded you have touched many lives. You have definitely touched my life. May Allah (swt) bless you always.
FATIMA: I have been attending many workshops throughout my life. A lot of what was explained and discussed is what I have learnt in previous workshops. A lot of visuals I have seen and also use when I facilitate workshops. However, this ‘Discover Yourself’ workshop is “The cherry on top “. For me, it was awesome, many ‘AHA’ moments, many realisations, introspections and being in the ‘LA’ state and realizing that there is only ‘ONE REALITY’ and my conscious mind to realise from where I am operating from. Alhamdulillah! I am so grateful to Br Sadathullah, may Allah grant you health and strength (abundantly) to continue this amazing journey.
ZOHRA: I have attended your workshop in Durban this week and I must say that it was the BEST WEEKEND I have had in a long time. Coming to your workshop has just reinforced what I knew, but it needed someone like you to revive those thoughts. Just like Allah repeats certain words or phrases in the Quran to remind us over and over again I needed that reminder to remember that holding on to things and the past cannot benefit me in any way. I want to share my story with you in this email as I could not express it in the workshop. I have been married for 14 years but knew my husband for 7 years before we got married. We schooled together. Ours was a love marriage. We have had our problems over the years, but we got through them. In this year I found out that my husband had made nikah in secret 1 year ago and I did not know it. This was a big blow for me. I never saw it coming. Yes I cried and we had fights but I told myself that I cannot stay in that feeling forever. I picked myself up and stopped feeling sorry for myself and stopped asking why, how could he, does he not love me. I have now accepted the situation I am in, that my husband has a second wife. THAT IS MY REALITY. I was the one to tell him stop secretly visiting her and go live with her some days of the week. It was hard for me to face that it was the right thing to do. And now I feel that it was the best decision I made. Now when he has a fight with his second wife he calls me and I play counsellor for both of them. And I do it with no malice in the heart. My heart is at peace and I love the inner me. My husband and I are still together, Alhamdulillah.
So by coming to the workshop this weekend, it just reinforced my belief and my direction. Br. Sadathullah, thank you for doing what you are doing by having these workshops. It is having such a good impact on people. May Allah reward you in this life and the hereafter.
SABIHA: I want to express from the onset my humble appreciation to firstly Allah and you to have brought me to this workshop. I have benefitted greatly and I want to just share with you my little transformation from last night. After the workshop when I reached home, I was so full of emotions that I went up to my eldest daughter and asked her to forgive me and that I love her for the pleasure of Allah and that I need a chance to have a new beginning, and thus I went on like this to each and every child of mine. Thereafter we all sat and had supper together and were very peaceful. This was never done before, my kids were shocked at my behaviour. I went to my room, changed, took a shower and read all my Salah because I had missed Maghreb as well, this I never once did before. I would justify and say I am very tired and I will make up for it in the morning which was never done. But last night I saw a new me, I was not lazy, nor tired, but willing whole heartedly to perform my Salah, I was so full of energy, I was happy and made intention to get up for fajr and I did just that without an alarm. May Allah guide me always and keep me steadfast. And help me and my husband to do the right thing at all times.
AMEENA: It is what I needed and I am grateful for it. My life before the workshop was very stressful between work and home life. I had to live on a daily basis with conflict situations at work and home. As a result, I have been hospitalized numerous times for depression. My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour and had a massive stroke after a brain operation, but not only his life changed, all our lives changed in the family. Now that he is disabled he is frustrated and does not understand the children. The lesson I learnt at this workshop that I cannot change everyone around me, so I have to change myself. The workshop has taught me to be a player and focus on what change I can make to improve my thoughts and feelings.

SIMON: I gained knowledge to submit and live in the present. My life had lost its meaning before the workshop, but now it gained energy and interest. I am looking forward to change it for the better with the help of Allah. I am feeling much relieved and vibrant.

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