Sadathullah Sir is a Legend!

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Sadathullah Sir is a Legend!

Changing for the Better in Kuwait
Nights are Sleepless? Days are Restless? Come, The DISCOVER YOURSELF Workshop will Heal You!
Let Satan Out of Your Lives

The Discover Yourself workshop was held in Bangalore on 22-24 July 2022.

Some of the Participants share their Experiences.
• A Life changing workshop
• It opened my eyes to reality
• The workshop helped me to choose between what is right and wrong and it opened my eyes.
• Alhamdulillah, it was a worthful experience. My mother and sister are happy to see the changes in me.
• This workshop is the need of the hour. I recommend all parents and youth must attend.
• An eye-opener and my perspective on Islam has changed. Got the basics right now.
• A life-changing transformational workshop. I could see immense changes in my life by operating from my heart.
• The workshop gave me more clarity and peace of mind.
• This is my 2nd workshop and each time different methods of explanation, especially about internal and external life.

NAZEER: Before the workshop, I used to get upset easily if things are not happening the way I wanted to. Now I don’t think so. Before I used to think that Jannah is compulsory for me as I used to complete all five tenets of Islam religiously. Now the fear has appeared in my Nafs whether Allah actually is pleased with my good deeds.

SHAZAR: I was hyper and taking things and thinking in a rational way, connecting to my heart changed the way I look at things. My daughter was surprised to see I am asking questions to improve myself. I have received lots of feedback which I will work on improving. I need your help to pass this knowledge on to students in schools. I got the right eye to look at things. I can now differentiate between Haqq and Batil and I am committed to honouring my word.

ANEES: I never committed to anything before the workshop. I always used to make resolutions and not honour my word. I used to lie sometimes to escape from awkward situations. I always used to spend a lot of time thinking about my mistakes in the past. Alhamdulillah, now I can tackle all the above weaknesses of mine after the workshop. My love for family members has also increased a lot. Sir, is a true legend. He made us think about ourselves in such a way that we never imagine we could. I really want to thank sir, for taking this workshop. Sir has a totally different approach to teaching things.

RIZWANA: Firstly I am very happy I decided to attend this enlightening workshop. I saw how I need to choose the response in every situation. Moving from denial to submission and dealing with reality. I will be in integrity in all areas of my life as I am answerable to Allah for every single deed. I realized the two worlds I was living in and where my actions were coming from ( mind or heart) affect every moment of my life. It opened my eyes to reality. Thank you, sir.

FATIMA: Before I was staying in the past and future, confused and in denial. After the workshop, I am enjoying the present moment, clarity, and in submission. I could see small changes in my daily life. I am willing to submit to reality, which I never did before. I am at peace.

RASHIDA: I was a person who used to generally stress about things and overthink, wanting everything to be perfect. Now, I feel this workshop made me realize you do not have to be perfect, you just have to do things willingly and play the game and leave the result to Allah. What has to happen will happen worrying won’t change the reality.