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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Darul Umoor campus, Srirangapatna, for the Madrasa students on 9,10 and 11 July 2019 by Dr Sadathullah Khan, spiritual life coach and facilitator.

Some of the Students Share their Experiences:
“¢ This workshop changes one’s life
“¢ My life before the workshop was full of hatred and after the workshop, I am free from hatred.
“¢ I had the most spiritual benefit from this workshop.
“¢ This workshop touches the human heart and it is very important for all human beings
“¢ I can’t count the number of benefits I got from this workshop. I overcame all my shortcomings and I got the courage to seek forgiveness from my family.
“¢ Before the workshop, I had many misunderstandings and after attending the workshop, everything was cleared.
“¢ It is a life-changing workshop
“¢ Before the workshop, I judged people based on their externals, but now I will see and treat every human being as a human being.
“¢ It is a great service to humanity in bringing people’s hearts together.
“¢ This workshop is a way to make a human being a true human being
“¢ This workshop is a gift from Allah. Earlier I was just surviving and existing, but now I am enjoying.
“¢ Before the workshop, I was a human being, but devoid of humanity, it taught me a humanitarian way of life.
“¢ Alhamdulillah! I bear witness to Allah and state that this workshop has changed my entire life. I was going through lot of problems, stress, and tensions and now I am completely free.
“¢ Before, we were living in darkness, after the workshop, many internal changes happened, it cleansed and purified our hearts.
“¢ This workshop unites the hearts, removes all the misunderstanding and teaches us to live as human beings.
“¢ This workshop opened many doors that were locked before attending it. It brought color to my life.
“¢ The workshop removed me from the world of opinion to the world of Reality.


SHOAIB: Before the workshop, I had an only passion, not courage. But after the workshop, I got passion and courage and now I can do anything. I wish my entire family would have been here to benefit from this workshop, but I feel that every human being will definitely benefit.
FARIS: If I had not attended this workshop, I would have missed all of humanity and equality. The workshop was unique, and the topics were relevant to the day to day living about how to overcome problems in relationships. This workshop must be held in every taluk and district to free people from hatred and bring in love and equality. I got lot of benefits and the most were my spiritual upliftment and I feel peace, contentment, and tranquility inside me, free from all hatred and enmity. I cannot express in words. I got a new life.
MUZAMMIL: In the workshop, what was being said was known to us at the level of only knowing, that is at the mental level and it never went into our hearts. I feel there are two reasons for this, first, because we were lazy to take it into our hearts and the second, the people who taught us the knowledge were also at the level of only knowing and hence they could not touch and transfer the knowledge into our hearts. The treasure was very valuable, but we did not know the value of it. In the workshop, same knowledge was presented using techniques with a modern methodology which helped guide us to go deep within, experience the value of the knowledge we possessed and at the same time, the knowledge penetrated in our hearts that altered our life. We knew Islam is a way of life, but we did not try to focus on it. But here, it was demonstrated practically, that is, of living Islam as a way of life in our day to day life that brought in love, peace, harmony, brotherhood.
RIZWAN: Before the workshop, I had no purpose in life and I had low self-esteem and always felt inferior to others. Alhamdulillah, after the workshop I got the confidence and it changed my whole purpose of life. I have no words to express about the workshop, but only I can say, it is a spiritual (ruhani) workshop. I benefitted a lot and I feel that my entire family must attend this workshop so that they can come out of darkness to light.
OSMA: If I had not attended this workshop, I would have not been aware of the real-life and to distinguish between Haqand Batil (Truth and Falsehood). Before the workshop, I used to feel superior and look down upon some people and my approach was inappropriate. But after the workshop, my whole perspective of life changed, and I got to see others as human beings. I am grateful to sir and I pray to Allah to bless him in both the worlds. This workshop should be promoted all over the world so that maximum people benefit.
SALIM: Before the workshop, I was not conscious and aware of the way I spoke, saw others as inferior and called others by slang names. Now I am aware and inshallah will overcome all these bad habits. I shall see and treat everyone as human beings.