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Desert Diary of Discover Yourself Workshop!

The “Discover Yourself” Workshop was held in Muscat, Riyadh and Jeddah in March and April 2014. Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

  •  It provided the connection between the inner and the external world, which we usually neglect.
  •  It is an excellent job to take people from ‘Baatil” to ‘Huq”.
  •  Excellent experience. I felt very comfortable. I have so many changes in my attitude. It helped us in understanding ourselves  and to come closer to Allah.
  •  It was a wonderful mix of Islamic teachings, modern management techniques and deep spiritual awareness.
  •  It made a lot of complicated things in life sound simple.
  •  The workshop helped me discover myself and change me into a better person.
  • Very interactive and thought provoking, very good session and Mr Khan has excellent grip on the proceedings of the whole session.
  • The concept of submission and denial touched my heart.
  • It is a good effort made to make participants understand how to deal with life and live peacefully.
  • It is useful for everyone; you are doing an excellent job for the Muslim Ummah.
  • Nicely explained the internal and external state of human being and its effect on life.
  • It precisely clarified the difference between Truth (Huq) and Falsehood (Batil) and getting away from evil.
  • It connected me to Allah and made me realize that if I do things for His sake then I will not have any complaints. It was eye opening.

ASHOK: My perspective of ‘Islam’ and the people who follow it changed. Now I feel ‘Islam’ is a scientific religion and very simple to follow.
ASMA: I used to be very aggressive and never used to open up, but Alhamdulillah after the first day of the workshop, I opened up with my family, friends and relatives. The workshop helped me to show my blind spots and my negative side which people expected me to change and I have changed. I have taken control of my anger. I thank you for all your efforts to help people change their perspective of life. You have changed my life and I am so impressed with your coaching.
HADDAD( 12 years): Before the workshop I used to get angry when someone irritates me or makes fun of me. But now, I have learned to ignore them, I do not fight them back and all this has happened only because of the workshop.
NASIMA: Alhamdulillah, this workshop changed the whole perspective of my life, the view towards each other was completely rejuvenated. The workshop gifted me to see things from the reality point of view and be in the state of submission. Alhamdulillah, I never had such a blessed weekend before. Jazakallah Khair, I do not think I can ever thank you enough for this and thanks to Allah for this opportunity and for selecting me for His blessings.
SAID: Before the workshop, I used to judge and give opinions. Inshahall, I will be in the state of submission now. My family were very impressed with my new changed approach towards them.
SALMI: I was blaming everybody in my life without notice. Now, I realized, to see myself and stop doing that. I came to know how to make decisions based on consequences and not on justifications. To live life as a gift and not as a punishment. Before I was angry with my parents and colleagues. Now I understood the reason why I hate everybody, the reason is me and I have to change my way of treating others as objects, and to treat them as human beings.
NOMAN: I had lot of complaints before I came and I found faults in everyone close to me. In the workshop, I realized the problem is me and not others. When I went home after the first day, I cared about my family and I smiled more, I was very hungry still I attended to them first. On the second day, I saw everyone in a different way and I am sure they saw me in a different way. I listened when they shared with me, I smiled more and I asked them to do things with a smile, less of commanding. I am out of the commentator box, stopped criticizing and giving opinions.
RINOSE: Before the workshop, I was treating my children angrily. After the workshop, I started to feel the changes in me and I noticed when I started to treat kindly, they responded more than earlier times. I could feel that I started to see the reality without glasses. Now I migrated to ‘Truth’ from ‘Evil’. I experienced that this workshop was very good and the way of teaching and methodology was excellent.
AMBREEN: I feel, I am a better human being now. I have started the journey of self discovery. I have always looked for a purpose in life, as I believe that every human being is important and has some purpose in life. I feel I am committed to make a difference.
AZMATH: The workshop was very good in terms of content, management and especially Mr Khan’s way of presentation. I hope my life would change after attending this workshop.
DR.ZIAUDDIN: Every Muslim should attend this workshop, to know the inner-self in the light of the Quran and Hadith. It showed us the reality. The best of ever I have attended and the only one, with an Islamic Perspective.
MISBAH: The workshop had a perfect impact on me. It forced me to think with a fresh perspective. The entire thought process and its basics are now clear to me, “mind over matter’- which was an often repeated mantra is clear to me now. Success lies in good thoughts and actions. The entire mechanics was laid open in front of us today Subhanallah, I am still reeling. It was truly well organized.
JUNAID: I am really thankful to Allah that He gave me an opportunity to attend the workshop conducted by Mr Sadathullah Khan on 17th, 18th and 19th April 2014 in Jeddah. I personally thank him for taking up this great task in guiding mankind to know what truth is, and to realize how they can fight with their biggest enemy”¦ Satan. I truly appreciate the talent and the caliber Mr Khan possesses in analyzing the things and to handle them with consciousness. May Allah give him a healthy and prosperous life. Ameen. Thank you once again for doing this great work, in order to help mankind to realize and accomplish what they are, which is indeed a guidance to realize the Truth.
FATIMA: Jazakallah khair, for your commitment to the Ummah and I thank you sincerely for the difference you have brought in my life. What I learnt from you is the answer to all my Duas, to be freed from all the internal turmoil. The first night after the workshop changed everything. I feel like a new person. Myf ear is as days go by, the impact should not wear off .please pray for me to be stead fast. My greatest desire is to reach out to thousands of women out there in pain and desperation.(but once I have truly cemented these concepts in my life).
I truly value and appreciate these mails from you. We need this continual link. These days no Ulema has the time for the Ummah. Words can’t express my gratitude, I leave it to the Almighty to take care of all your affairs and your family’s. May you be rewarded abundantly in Duniya and Akhirah.
ASIFA: Before, I attended your workshop I was disturbed. I used to create many problems which happen around me. After attending your workshop, I myself find lot of changes, the problems which I see is all because of my views. Now I realize my mistakes, and now I am applying your techniques, Inshallah it should workout. I am really glad to be touch with you, sir .
JALEEL: I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession, working as Mechanical Construction Manager in Saudi Binladin Group in Makkah expansion project, I am proud to serve for Haram. After attending the workshop, I feel lot of changes in my attitude, approaching the people in a different manner and getting better results than before. May Allah give you good health and long life to serve the society.
MASROOR: I learnt one thing from your workshop, that everything is possible with hard work and determination. Thanks for motivating me to reach my goal. I owe my success to you and for the continued support. May Allah grant you health and long life to serve the Ummah for many more years.