The Workshop has Made Me Discover the Way of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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The Workshop has Made Me Discover the Way of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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Some of the participants share their Experiences:
• It was very interesting, we can deal with all the problems without thinking about our past. I got the courage and I liked it very much.
• Zindagi ke sab masle hal karne ki capacity mili hai.
• My focus on my salah was not there but now I can focus on my prayer. It is very useful to implement in my life. I am giving up my ego and blaming others.
• Before the workshop, I was feeling depressed and anxious and now I am feeling relaxed, calm, and no Bechaini.
• The workshop is a blessing and need of the hour. It helped me to let go of lots of baggage and change myself instead of others.
• It was awesome. I was feeling lonely, I was carrying the burden in my heart. Past was blocking my present. I learned to connect with Allah. I need to change first and then others will also change.

IRFAN: MY life was in tatters and that was one big reason for me to enroll in the workshop. I was regretting missing attending the workshop a decade ago in Mysore. At times I used to wonder about the worthlessness of life. The workshop proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel and offered me hope of living the remainder of my life with zest and zeal.

The benefits of the workshop were many and very encouraging. I feel these were the best THREE DAYS of my life. The most fulfilling of productive 22 hours of my entire life.!

Worth attending and attending all over again and again. The difference it made could be summed up thus. I was a living, breathing corpse all along, and now and only now has the actual, real-life begun for me after lifting many multiple layered veils of negativity that my mind had manufactured. Practically every single area of my life has altered. Submission and denial are the real keys to unlocking the mental, emotional, and spiritual mysteries. Now, I see myself, my life, and the world as ordained in the Quran, along with the principles the DYS workshop operated. Jazakallah Khair Sadath sir and the volunteers.

WASIM: The workshop made me realize who I am? I would have been at a loss, had I not attended this workshop. Alhamdulillah! Allah swt has given me everything in life. But how I lived my life was never how Allah willed? There is a hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) that if you want to know about a person ask his wife. I knew that I had to be humble, kind, loving and caring, etc.. but never knew how to actually internalize it in my life. Alhamdulillah after this workshop, I have found the way. The way of truth, the way to forgive and let go and to realize that all of us are human beings first and then a father, a son, a husband and a brother, etc. The workshop has made me discover the way of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

ALAISA: The workshop brought me clarity about myself and my relationship with everything. I missed my exams to be here because this is the foundation. What will I do to get success in life when I do not know how to live life. My life was a mess. It was disgusting and I did not want to live. When the first time I attended the workshop in 2019, even though out of the 3 days I attended only one day and yet it powerfully impacted my life. “Thank you” does no justice to the impact Khan sir, has made in my life.