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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Abbas Khan Degree College for Women on April 2 and 3, 2016 for the Degree Students. Over 250 Students Participated in the Workshop. Some of the participants share their experiences!

  • This workshop helped me to accept and live in the reality.
  • This workshop is the best key to change my life style.
  • I learnt to live my life.
  • It helped me to distinguish and change my perspective.
  • It was superb, outstanding, marvelous, wonderful, valuable and very beneficial.
  • Earlier, I used to waste my time playing candy crush. Now, after attending this workshop, I spend my free time in cleaning the house or stitching, helping others and helping my mom. Thank you very much for changing me.
  • After attending the workshop, I have changed my behavior whatever my mother says I listen to her without any arguments, I am happy by doing this and my mother is also happy with me.
  • Before the workshop, I was very afraid to speak to my teachers , but now I am able to express my words very effectively to them.


KAMAKASHI: Now I am peaceful and calm. I have become a good person and I am helping my mother. I forgot the past and let go of all the evil. It was a great opportunity to listen to you and it is really good for everyone.
GNANESHWARI: I just want to say that the coaching was excellent. I was blaming before and now I am responsible. I like to say my experience about the workshop was just amazing. I really found Myself. My family members are so happy for me. ” I was good before but excellent now”. Thank you so much for helping me “Discover Myself”.
SUCHITRA: It was really very useful, helpful and interesting. Before the workshop, I was really a very angry girl, but now I have control over my anger. I will do as much good as possible to people. I have learnt many useful things from this workshop, and not only learnt, but I am going to apply it throughout my life. Looking at the changes in me, my family members were happy especially my mom.
MARIA: It was very useful for me in changing my personal attitude and I will remember it for a lifetime. I wish to attend once again in my lifetime. Before this workshop, I was not liking my own behavior of getting angry and always getting scolding from my parents. Now I learnt to respect others and got to know the value of happiness. After this, I respect them and before they say something, I am doing it, so I am very happy. This workshop is very precious in my life where I gained so much knowledge.
SAROJINI: Before I use to hesitate and fear to express my feelings and communicate. Now, after attending this workshop, I find myself a new person. It has helped me in building up my personality effectively. Hence to conclude, this workshop was very helpful and effective for me.
NEHA: I was not knowing what is life and how to live it. After the workshop, I came to know tools, which I have to use in my daily life and I will never give up till I succeed. The experiences, and what I learnt in this workshop, I will not forget till my death.
RUMANA: Before the workshop, I had always opinions and judgments about others and myself, unhappy and peaceful. But, after the workshop, I recognized who I am, what is the meaning of life?, perspective and sharing etc. I hope I practice this till I reach my objective of Being. My family members changed their view about me, what I was and what I am now.
MUBEENA: Before the workshop, I used to listen to my evil mind, thinking it is my good one, then I used to judge people giving my opinion, justifying and not honoring my word. I never knew how to take decisions, but Alhamdulillah, now with this workshop, I changed my point of view, changed my family’s perception towards me. It is very useful and benefitted me in all areas