Calendar 1438 AH – The year 1438 AH will have 354 days 5 hours and 18 minutes.

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By Prof. Malik F. Ingalgi

The New Hijri Year 1438 commenced with the sighting of crescent on the evening of October 2, 2016. The time difference between Sunset and Moonset on October 2 was 32 minutes. Hence the first day of Muharram fell on October 3, 2016. Based on the Astronomical data available for the Bengaluru location regarding conjunction or what is known as Amavasya, the difference between Sunset and Moonset timings, we have prepared a concise pocket calendar for the Islamic Lunar Year 1438. Forecast is being made on the basis of Sunset happening prior to Moonset (even if the duration is just a few minutes) as per the astronomical data available with Observatories. The day, next to such an occurrence has been taken as the first day of the Islamic Hijri month. It is hoped that the prior knowledge of the precise dates on which the new crescent would appear, will enable the Muslims to schedule their religious rites, holy days and practices.

Month Begins on Ends on No. of days in the Month
1. Muharram 03.10.2016 Monday 31.10.2016 29 days
2. Safar 01.11.2016 Tuesday 30.11.2016 30 days
3. Rabiul Awwal 01.12.2016 Thursday 30.12.2016 30 days
4. Rabius Thani 31.12.2016 Saturday 29.01.2017 30 days
5. Jamadiul Awwal 30.01-2017 Monday 27.02.2017 29 days
6. Jamadiul Aakhir 28.02.2017 Tuesday 29.03.2017 30 days
7. Rajab 30.03.2017 Thursday 27.04.2017 29 days
8. Shabaan. 28.04.2017 Friday 26.05.2017 29 days
9. Ramadan. 27.05.2017 Saturday 25.06.2017 30 days
10. Shawwal 26.06.2017 Monday 24.07.2017 29 days
11. Zul Qaada 25.07.2017 Tuesda 22.08.2017 29 days
12. Zul Hajjah 23.08.2017 Wednesday 21.09.2017 30 days
The 1438 AH will have 354 days 5 hours and 18 minutes. Coming year 1439 AH begins with 1st of Muharram falling on Friday, 22nd September 2017.
Prepared by Prof. Malik F. Ingalgi, (The author can be contacted at: 94487-85659)
(Malik F. Ingalgi holds a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics and retired as Principal of Govt College/s and Physics Professor after 34 years of service).