Unity in Tragedy

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A Prayer Meet for the Lives Lost in Pulwama

A prayer meeting was held for Pulwama Martyrs after the Friday prayers at the Masjid Haji Langa, Gurgaon on 22nd February 2019. As the worshippers entered the mosque, the children of Madarsa Taleemul Qur’an greeted them with salutations of Salaam along with Jai Hind and pinned them with badges of mini tricolour flags which the children had made a day before. The prayer meeting was the idea of a law student Shameer, and his friends. The Imam of the mosque and Head of the Haji Langa Trust, Maulana Qasim, took up the idea and in the sermon at the Friday prayers spoke to the gathering about patriotism. He said “we are Indians and we should work for peace and harmony.’
After the Friday prayers, the students of the Madarsa along with guests from other faiths including a few retired defence personnel, made collective supplication for peace in the country and paid respects to the martyred soldiers of Pulwama.