Merry the Bird and Two Little Kids

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By Niggy
Dolcy and Chinku, brother and sister, lived in a little cottage in a forested campus, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Every morning, they set off to walk around a big room called the ‘Meditation Hall’ in the campus, which was used by the grownups for prayers.
One cold morning, as the children were taking their usual morning walk, Chinku suddenly heard a chirping sound and the flapping of wings coming from the hall. Peeping inside, lo and behold, she spotted a little brown bird. ‘Dolcy, come soon! There’s a bird that has got trapped inside,’ Chinku called out. She felt very sad for the poor little things and wanted that it be able to fly out of the hall very soon.
‘Oh, I wonder how the baby got in’, said Dolcy trying very hard to open the huge door of the hall.
The children joined together to open the door but they couldn’t. It was an old-fashioned door that was just too heavy for the little children to push open.
Chinku and Dolcy then went to call Tona, the cook, to open the door so that the bird could fly away.
As Tona managed to heave the door open, Merry (as Chinku christened the bird) hopped onto a shelf near the door and looked about, as if wondering what to do next. Now, Dolcy loved to ask questions, and so he went up to Merry and asked him all sorts of questions, like where he was from, why he had come there, how old he was, how many siblings he had, where he lived and things like that!
Merry smiled at Dolcy and Chinku, swinging his little head this way and that way, as if to say ‘Hey kids! I was thirsty and spotted a water-pot inside the meditation hall and flew in when the door was wide open. Not noticing that I was inside, someone shut the door after a while, and that’s how I got stuck inside. Thank you so much children for your help, and now I can fly away, back to my nest in the trees. God bless you lots for your kind deed!’
Then, spreading her little wings, Merry took a deep breath and flew out of the meditation hall. Dolcy and Chinku excitedly waved their little hands about to bid goodbye to her, pleased with the good deed they had done early in the morning.